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Union members picket outside of Columbia College. Signs read, "Columbia Faculty On Strike for a Fair Contract.".
After 49 Days, the Longest Adjunct Strike in U.S. History Comes to a Close
“They’re not just treating us as discardable anymore.”
Jeff Schuhrke
ViewpointIsrael & Palestine
Biden Is His Own Worst Enemy in 2024. Time for Someone Else.
In fumbling his response to Gaza, the President has redrawn the electoral map against himself—and the latest attempts to course correct won’t save him.
Gabriel Winant
U.S. House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.) speaks in front of a poster-sized image of Reps. George Santos and Marjorie Taylor Greene cackling.
Republican Chaos Is a State of Being
The party’s status quo is, at best, dysfunctional, leaving the conservative movement with no winners save the opportunists taking advantage of the ideological civil war.
Eoin Higgins
FeatureInvestigationGoodman Institute
More Than a Year After Mississippi Forced Her To Give Birth, It Still Hasn’t Offered Any Extra Help
Since we first profiled her, Lationna has returned to work, her son Kingsley is crawling—and the family is still just treading water.
Bryce Covert
ViewpointIsrael & Palestine
Don’t Let the Flailing Center Box Out the Left’s Powerful Possibilities
Public fractures within Jewish communities provoked by Gaza genocide offer lessons—and paths forward—for progressives, Jewish and not.
Dania Rajendra and Rebecca Vilkomerson
ViewpointIsrael & Palestine
The Christmas Truce of 1914 and the Demand for a Cease-Fire in Gaza
The World War I phenomenon should remind us of the urgency to end the mass killings—and to help us realize that a cease-fire to stop the violence is within reach.
Phyllis Bennis
Why I Got Arrested Today
As the leader of a movement magazine, I couldn't stand apart as Congress ponders contributing billions of dollars to help slaughter children in Gaza.
Alex Han
Ten Predictions for Labor in 2024
Our crystal ball shows splintering coalitions, the rise of a new vanguard, and more.
Hamilton Nolan
Conserjes de oficinas y comercios, junto con otros miembros del Local 26 de SEIU, marcharon por un contrato sindical justo el 7 de diciembre en Minneapolis.
LaborEn Español
Los trabajadores de limpieza asean los establecimientos después de las compras navideñas, pero ellos no pueden festejar con sus familias.
“En mi cultura, Nochebuena es nuestro día para festejar … y yo me voy al trabajo como si fuera un día normal. Es duro para los niños.”
Sarah Lazare
LaborFeatureThe Right-Wing Issue
The Fascist Movement’s Biggest Threat: Labor Unions?
An interview with Paul Ortiz on how unions have fought Gov. Ron Desantis’ reactionary rule—and unions as an anti-fascist force.
Bill Fletcher, Jr.
Why Leftists Should Read The Man Who Changed Colors
"It is critically important that Leftists and progressives understand the complexity of humans rather than demonizing or idealizing anyone."
Bill Fletcher, Jr.
Israel & Palestine
A Long History of Antifascism Is Driving the Jewish Demand for Gaza Cease-Fire
Crystallizing the deep history of antifascist Jewish resistance, progressive Jews across the United States marked the final night of Chanukah by shutting down bridges in at least eight cities.
Sarah Jaffe
DispatchThe Right-Wing Issue
Conservatives Want to Destroy Public Schools. Communities are Fighting Back.
“The decision to hate your neighbors and reject your public school isn’t actually the most affordable, practical or preferable path for most people.”
Jennifer Berkshire
Bright yellow book jacket with the book title Practical Radicals: Seven Strategies to Change the World. The authors names, Deepak Bhargava and Stephanie Luce, are printed below the titled. list
Our Political Opponents Know How to Build Power. We Should, Too.
“We owe it to ourselves to understand our opponents much better than we do.”
Emma Tai
Unpacking the Underlying Political Tensions Driving the Effort to Repeal Chicago’s Sanctuary Status
An incident involving Carlos Ramirez-Rosa—that led to his resignation as Floor Leader—underscores the political circus threatening Chicago progressives who recently gained political power.
Tonia Hill
ViewpointThe Right-Wing Issue
National Conservatives, Postliberals and the Nietzschean Right: Meet Today’s Terrifying GOP
The New Right is mad, organized and wholly unafraid to wield state power.
Matt McManus
ViewpointThe Right-Wing Issue
How Colleges Became Recruitment Hubs for the Gen-Z Right
Right-wing Zoomers are outflanking their MAGA elders in enthusiastic embrace of radically anti-democratic, exclusionary and bigoted beliefs.
Ben Lorber
An image of Bernie Sanders in a suit and tie, briefly pausing on his walk to Senate chambers.
ViewpointIsrael & Palestine
Bernie Sanders Has Finally Called for a Cease-Fire. Sort Of.
Prior to today's letter, the senator had urged for a “humanitarian pause.”
Mindy Isser
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