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Race and Uncertainty as Chicago’s Voters Head to the Polls
Salim Muwakkil
Meet the Activist Coalition That Outlawed Caste Discrimination in Seattle
“This is a recognition of over 2,000 years of oppression."
Saurav Sarkar
The Hunger Cliff Shows That the GOP Is Pro-Poverty
Millions of people are losing essential food assistance because Republicans want to impose work requirements that benefit corporations—not families.
Jim Pugh
“He Sold Our Schools off to the Highest Bidder”
A look inside Paul Vallas' history of harming public education and a sampling of the shock doctrine politics, anti-union postures, neoliberal policies and budgetary schemes he brought to school districts around the country—and world—and the havoc they helped create.
David I. Backer and Jason Wozniak
Why a Veteran Education Reform Writer Thinks Chicagoans Should Be Worried About Paul Vallas
Schneider writes that "whenever I hear the name Paul Vallas, I immediately think of a man who likes to take earmarked funding and redirect it in shallow ways that produce the appearance of fiscal solutions."
Mercedes K. Schneider
What Unionized Starbucks Workers Think of Howard Schultz’ Testimony to Bernie Sanders
Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz was grilled over alleged union busting in front of a congressional committee this week. That's not something you normally see in Washington.
Saurav Sarkar
The Chicago Mayoral Race Is High Stakes for Working People
In a new video, workers speak out against Paul Vallas’ destructive record on budgets and public education.
Miles Kampf-Lassin
Rural AmericaInvestigationGoodman Institute
The Vail-ification of the West
In part two of our series, we visit the Colorado ski towns at the extreme edge of rural gentrification.
Joseph Bullington
Rural AmericaInvestigationGoodman Institute
Los Trabajadores en Vail no Pueden Darse el Lujo de Vivir Ahí
En la segunda parte de nuestra serie, visitamos las ciudades de esquí de Colorado a borde de la gentrificación rural.
Joseph Bullington
How Kathy Hochul Abandoned Home Care Workers
Hochul broke her promise, but home care advocates are still fighting to make sure New York "takes care of the people who take care of people."
Lily Meyersohn
Rural AmericaInvestigationGoodman Institute
En Montana, Una Avalancha de Riqueza Está Desplazando a los Trabajadores
Los trabajadores que alimentan, visten y aseean para los ricos recién llegados a occidente de Montana no pueden darse el lujo de vivir cerca de sus trabajos.
Joseph Bullington
Rural AmericaInvestigationGoodman Institute
In Montana, an Avalanche of Wealth Is Displacing Workers
The people who feed, clothe and clean up after the West’s rich newcomers can’t afford to live alongside them.
Joseph Bullington
Jorts The Cat Wants You To Fight Back
We sat down with the labor movement’s favorite feline to talk about intersectional power, using Twitter for organizing and how his co-workers keep him from falling into the trash.
Aparna Gopalan
Immigration Policy Doesn’t Have to Be This Way
For 20 years, the Department of Homeland Security has made life a nightmare for millions—but Dreamers like me have seen that there’s another way.
Alliyah Lusuegro
There Is Power in a Pantry
Meet the women who nourished the longest strike in Alabama’s history.
Kim Kelly
Dark Money Conservatives Have Their Eye on Wisconsin’s Top Court. We Can Stop Them.
Former Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes on why the upcoming Wisconsin State Supreme Court election is one of the most important elections of his life—and why we should all take notice.
Mandela Barnes
Biden Betrays Youth With Willow Project—and Breaks His Own Promise
We need a youth movement more powerful than the fossil fuel industry. Why Sunrise Movement organizers are fighting to end the fossil fuel era.
Dejah Powell
“The People of Chicago Run the City”: Brandon Johnson on His Progressive Vision
We spoke with Chicago mayoral candidate Brandon Johnson about public safety, the housing crisis and building a movement against the neoliberal status quo.
Maximillian Alvarez
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