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ViewpointThe Right-Wing Issue
How Colleges Became Recruitment Hubs for the Gen-Z Right
Right-wing Zoomers are outflanking their MAGA elders in enthusiastic embrace of radically anti-democratic, exclusionary and bigoted beliefs.
Ben Lorber
An image of Bernie Sanders in a suit and tie, briefly pausing on his walk to Senate chambers.
ViewpointIsrael & Palestine
Bernie Sanders Has Finally Called for a Cease-Fire. Sort Of.
Prior to today's letter, the senator had urged for a “humanitarian pause.”
Mindy Isser
The cover of a book reads, “Dismantling Green Colonialism: Energy and Climate Justice in the Arab Region.” At the bottom of the cover, there’s a picture of women sitting down in a desert, one of them holding a megaphone. In front of the book, there’s a picture of Hamza Hamouchene with his arms crossed and of Manal Shqair smiling.
InterviewClimateIsrael & Palestine
From Gaza to Atlanta, There is No Climate Justice on Occupied Land
An interview with Hamza Hamouchene and Manal Shqair on the militarization of climate politics
Ivonne Ortiz
FeatureThe Right-Wing Issue
We’re in an Epidemic of Right-Wing Terror. Won’t Someone Tell the Press?
More than a decade of media malpractice enabled January 6. Has the media learned its lesson?
Rick Perlstein
A worker holds a sign reading: We're on ULP strike!
Starbucks' Offer to Resume Contract Talks Comes with Some Serious Fine Print
Starbucks says it wants to bargain. Its behavior suggests otherwise.
Steven Greenhouse
CultureThe Right-Wing Issue
Republicans Can’t Stop Lying About Their Base
Party of the People exemplifies Republicans’ populist bait and switch.
Sarah Posner
FeatureThe Right-Wing Issue
Losing the Plot: The “Leftists” Who Turn Right
What do we make of former friends who fell down the rabbit hole of the Right?
Kathryn Joyce and Jeff Sharlet
They Clean After Holiday Shoppers. But They Don't Get to Celebrate with Their Families.
“In my culture, Christmas Eve is our day to celebrate. ... And I’m going to work like it’s a regular day. It’s hard on the kids.”
Sarah Lazare
FeatureCover StoryThe Right-Wing Issue
The Right is Prepared For This Moment. Are We?
A conversation between Jamelle Bouie, Alex Han, Nancy MacLean, Tarso Luís Ramos and Olúfẹ́mi O. Táíwò on the Left’s role in fighting the Right.
Jamelle Bouie, Alex Han, Nancy MacLean, Tarso Luís Ramos and Olúfẹ́mi O. Táíwò
How a Trailblazing Tenants Union Forced a Mega-Landlord to the Bargaining Table
In less than two weeks, the Blake Street 16 went from facing eviction court to pioneering the first landlord-tenant negotiations in Connecticut's history.
Thomas Birmingham
ComicsThe Right-Wing Issue
Can Comics Fight the Right? We're Going to Try, Anyway.
Patty Murray speaks at a podium, flanked by two officials.
The White House is Working Overtime to Obscure Weapons Sales to Israel. The Senate Is Aiding and Abetting Them.
Picking up White House language, the Senate supplemental bill would conceal weapons sales from Congress and the American people.
Janet Abou-Elias, Lillian Mauldin and Women for Weapons Trade Transparency
ViewpointIsrael & Palestine
This Chanukah Is a Time for Palestine Solidarity, From Fasting to Public Disruption
Remembering that Chanukah means “rededication,” as we light the candles each night, we can rededicate ourselves to solidarity with Palestine for the long haul.
Maya Schenwar
DepartmentsIsrael & PalestineThe Right-Wing Issue
History Didn’t Begin on Oct. 7
Here’s what the press gets wrong on Palestine.
In These Times Editors and Hussein Ibish
ViewpointIsrael & Palestine
Why Journalists Must Speak out About Gaza
Attacks on journalism and media are dangerous to us all.
Aja Arnold, Rae Garringer, Rebecca Chowdhury, Tina Vásquez, Irene Vázquez, Victoria Bouloubasis, Charmaine Lang, Nour Saudi and Lewis Raven Wallace
The Circular, Murderous Logic of Henry Kissinger
Kissinger began his career sounding the alarm on fascism—but as America lurched to the right, he followed faithfully.
Greg Grandin
Henry Kissinger Died a Better Death Than He Deserved
Kissinger died a comfortable death surrounded by his loved ones. His victims didn’t get that luxury.
René Rojas, Bhaskar Sunkara and Jonah Walters
In a wide-angle photograph, people walk through a sea of rubble.
How Israel Got an Endless Supply of U.S.-Made Smart Bombs
Nearly three years ago, Congress gave Israel a pass to stockpile precision-guided bombs “without regard to annual limits.” An inside source confirms that even more have been transferred since October 7.
Ari Tolany, Lillian Mauldin, Janet Abou-Elias and Women for Weapons Trade Transparency
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