How Europe Outsourced Border Enforcement to Africa
The European Union is militarizing Africa's internal borders to curb migration, with little regard for human rights.
Andrei Popoviciu
Europa Está Externalizando su Represión Transfronteriza a África
La Unión Europea está militarizando las fronteras internas de África para frenar la migración.
Andrei Popoviciu
Young woman standing in the middle of a kitchen while holding her infant child with infant bottles and food appliances around.
What It's Like to Have an Abortion Denied by Dobbs
Dobbs will throw many lives into disarray. Lationna Halbert’s is one of the first.
Bryce Covert
The Young Miners Dying of “An Old Man’s Disease”
Black lung is completely preventable. And it's on the rise again.
Kim Kelly
The Vail-ification of the West
In part two of our series, we visit the Colorado ski towns at the extreme edge of rural gentrification.
Joseph Bullington
Los Trabajadores en Vail no Pueden Darse el Lujo de Vivir Ahí
En la segunda parte de nuestra serie, visitamos las ciudades de esquí de Colorado a borde de la gentrificación rural.
Joseph Bullington
In Montana, an Avalanche of Wealth Is Displacing Workers
The people who feed, clothe and clean up after the West’s rich newcomers can’t afford to live alongside them.
Joseph Bullington
En Montana, Una Avalancha de Riqueza Está Desplazando a los Trabajadores
Los trabajadores que alimentan, visten y aseean para los ricos recién llegados a occidente de Montana no pueden darse el lujo de vivir cerca de sus trabajos.
Joseph Bullington
German MPs Want Answers About Nord Stream
A bombshell report lands amid existing frustration and calls to release investigative findings.
Jeffrey Brodsky
She Refused To Take a Drug Test Before Getting a Workplace Injury Treated—And Was Fired
A worker's arm was mangled in a machine. Before treatment, a manager requested a drug test.
Sarah Lazare
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