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“If They Strike, We Won’t Cross the Picket Line”: LA Teachers And Service Workers Unite
The school district's service workers announced plans to begin a three-day strike on Tuesday. The teachers union has their back.
Megan Giovannetti and Jasmin Joseph
IT'S OFFICIAL: Reformer Shawn Fain Wins the UAW Presidency, Talks Plans with Steven Greenhouse in Exclusive Interview
“We need to run contract campaigns where we engage the membership and go after their demands. We haven’t done this in my lifetime.”
Steven Greenhouse
A 4-Day Work Week Could Be Closer Than You Think
Both workers and employers prefer a shorter working week, according to results of a major new study. The next step is taking it mainstream.
Anna Coote
“A Fierce Devotion to Working People”: What People Are Saying About Alex Han
Bernie Sanders, Sara Nelson, Linda Sarsour and others on our new executive director.
In These Times Editors
One Way To Protect the Queer Community? Unionize the Nightclubs
Workers at Chicago's Berlin nightclub look to unionize so they "can make people feel welcome, and loved" in a time of homophobic violence.
Lindsay Eanet
Bernie Sanders Is Putting Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz In the Hot Seat Over Union Busting
Under pressure, Schultz will face questioning in front of a congressional committee headed by Bernie Sanders—the latest in a line of billionaire CEOs to be taken to task for anti-labor behavior.
Jeff Schuhrke
“There’s a Real Fight Coming”: Newly Elected UAW Reformer Daniel Vicente on What's Next
After winning his runoff election, Region 9's new director talks about his vision for a militant UAW.
Luis Feliz Leon
The Hard Head and Wild Heart of Barbara Ehrenreich
Revisiting Nickel and Dimed, Dancing in the Streets, and many more of the late author's groundbreaking books.
Sarah Jaffe
Mick Lynch, general secretary of the Rail, Maritime, and Transport Workers union, stands on a picket line in London, England.
Rail Workers of the World, Unite!
Railroad workers and union reps from the US, UK, and France discuss the class struggle in their respective countries and how these struggles are connected internationally in this special episode of the ‘Working People’ podcast.
Maximillian Alvarez
Peasant Wages for Lordly Feats
Medieval Times performers strike against dismal pay and hazardous conditions.
Emily Janakiram
Unions Safeguard Workers’ Sweat Equity
To protect the time and labor that workers put into in their workplaces, unions help secure investments in infrastructure that sustain jobs for years to come.
Tom Conway
A video screenshot of a derailed freight train in East Palestine, Ohio.
Wall Street Caused the East Palestine Crisis
Rail companies are trying to turn astronomical 45% profit margins—and no one's stopping them. An interview with railroad worker Matt Weaver.
Maximillian Alvarez
She Refused To Take a Drug Test Before Getting a Workplace Injury Treated—And Was Fired
A worker's arm was mangled in a machine. Before treatment, a manager requested a drug test.
Sarah Lazare
The End of the Warrior Met Strike and the Utter Failure of the Democratic Imagination
The Democratic Party blows its chance in Alabama.
Hamilton Nolan
Voice actor with red X over mouth, Mob anime character reaching out
Anime Voice Actors Speak Out: It’s Not Kawaii When We Aren’t Paid
The union drive in anime dubbing.
Rohan Montgomery
Tesla Workers Announced a Union Drive. The Next Day They Were Fired.
More than 30 workers at a Tesla facility in New York were fired after going public with a union campaign. It’s the latest in a long line of alleged labor abuses by CEO Elon Musk.
Jeff Schuhrke
Your Smartphone Has a Human Cost
Cobalt Red examines the tech-fueled "modern-day slavery" in the Congo
Siddharth Kara
LaborCover Story
The Case for Nationalizing the Railroads
Workers say now is the time to do the impossible.
Kari Lydersen
To Prevent Future Rail Tragedies, We Need to Nationalize the Rail System
“Corporate greed [is] turning railroads into banks to extract billions and billions of dollars from what should be critical infrastructure.”
Sarah Lazare
Game Workers Are About To Take On The Biggest Boss Fight Of All
Long hours, stagnant wages: a look at the landslide of union interest across the industry.
Stephen Franklin
Employers Steal Up to $50 Billion From Workers Every Year. It’s Time to Reclaim It.
A recent victory over wage theft shows what workers everywhere need to claw back their stolen pay—support, resources and enforcement.
Mindy Isser
This Valentine’s Day, Let’s Look to Marxists to Reimagine Love, Romance and Sex
It's not you, it's capitalism.
Sarah Jaffe
A worker at a Union Pacific Intermodal Terminal rail yard.
Where Do Railroad Workers Go from Here?
Four railroad workers discuss Congress’s handling of the rail contract dispute, and how Wall Street’s destruction of the freight rail system is only going to get worse for workers, shippers, and all of us.
Maximillian Alvarez
How to Stop AI From Eating Journalism
Ethical standards can also save a lot of human jobs.
Hamilton Nolan
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