February 2010 Volume 34, Issue 02

On Air With Black America
Chicago's only black-owned talk radio station gives voice to a complex people still struggling to be heard.
Salim Muwakkil
A Military Murder
In 2003, four U.S. soldiers were charged with brutally murdering another member of the Army. A new book examines what happened, and why.
Kari Lydersen
Same Work, More Play
As states look to save money, some are shortening public employees' workweek to four days.
Michelle Chen
Dear ITT Ideologist: Hot Products and ATM Inspiration
Pete Karman
States of Pain
The fiscal crises unfolding in legislatures across the country will only get worse in 2010.
Chris Maisano
Are Millennials Cursed?
The jury is still out on whether the generation is narcissistic and disconnected.
Jeremy Rifkin
Who Really Won in 2008?
James Thindwa
Snapshot: Trouble Ahead, Trouble Behind
Driving that Kenyan train.
Rachel K. Dooley
Finding Comedy in the Muslim World
Arabs are funny! A popular stand-up comedy festival in Jordan proves it.
Maysan Haydar
Labor’s Last Stand?
A grassroots movement grows after Mexico shuts down a national electric company.
Micah Uetricht
Who is the Real Terrorism Powder Puff?
Susan J. Douglas

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