September 2013 Volume 37, Issue 09

Hard Times, the Sequel
George Packer on the disappearance of the American Dream.
Catherine Tumber
China’s One-Child Tyranny
In his new novel, Chinese author Ma Jian vividly excoriates his native country's population control.
Jane Miller
Back to the Orchard
Restoring a farm on Lake Superior with hard work and hard cider.
John Collins
Chicago Teachers Lead the Way
The CTU plans to change the political landscape in Chicago.
Joel Bleifuss
Dystopia, for the ‘Lulz’
In MaddAddam, Margaret Atwood explores fundamental questions and mutant pigs.
Jude Ellison Sady Doyle
Rats in the Laboratory of Democracy
State legislatures are gaining power, but not for the people.
Chris Lehmann
Girls Don’t Just Want to Have Fun
As state legislatures attack women's reproductive rights, the media focus elsewhere.
Susan J. Douglas
The Devil’s in the Details
If the Senate's bill is so good, why are immigrant rights groups so unhappy?
Rebecca Burns
No Longer a Prisoner of the Past
Rhode Island 'bans the box,' opening up job opportunities for the formerly incarcerated.
Toshio Meronek and Martha Wallner
Vanilla Vice
Vice's new HBO show is a brilliant addition to its empire—and a mediocre addition to journalism.
Bhaskar Sunkara
Tricky Dick’s Flicks
Before going to prison, three giddy Nixon staffers took reels of White House footage.
Michael Atkinson
A Debt-Free Degree?
Oregon's new plan would eliminate upfront college costs.
Sarah Jaffe
Which Box Would Zimmerman Check?
How Trayvon Martin's killing challenged our assumptions about Latinos.
Achy Obejas

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