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August 2013 Volume 37, Issue 08

Wage Theft’s Top Cop Spencer Woodman
Who’s Afraid of Valerie Jarrett? Jude Ellison Sady Doyle
Obama and Africa G. Pascal Zachary
Green Hot American Summer Emma Foehringer Merchant
GMO Domino Effect Jessica Corbett
A Fracktious Debate Rebecca Burns
In the Dark About Light Elizabeth Sanders and Seth Bensel
Gaga for Google Chris Lehmann
Psychonesia Michael Atkinson
Extra Time Jane Miller
In the Dark About Light
Our streetlight problem.
Elizabeth Sanders and Seth Bensel
A Brief History of Squatting
The Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space chronicles decades of Lower East Side occupations.
Arun Gupta
Water, Water, Nowhere
When water becomes scarce, conservatives become environmentalists.
Theo Anderson
A Bill of Rights for the Homeless
Several states are considering guaranteeing civil rights for those without a roof over their heads.
Amien Essif
The Myth of the Hardhat Hawk
Was the working class really the biggest proponent of the Vietnam War?
Bhaskar Sunkara
Green Hot American Summer
Late July brings a wave of climate demonstrations.
Emma Foehringer Merchant
Robbing Peter to Pay DePaul
As Rahm Emanuel decimates public schools, he's gifting a private college $55 million in public funds.
Achy Obejas
GMO Domino Effect
Four states to go, and a cascade of food labeling laws will take effect.
Jessica Corbett
Gaga for Google
The Internship: a study in the psychology of mass digital conformity.
Chris Lehmann
Mass murderers reenact their crimes for fun in Joshua Oppenheimer's new documentary, The Act of Killing.
Michael Atkinson
A Fracktious Debate
Greens are divided on whether to regulate fracking or hold out for a ban.
Rebecca Burns
Extra Time
What to do with those 'golden years' after 80?
Jane Miller
Welcome Back, Jim Crow
With a helping hand from the Supreme Court, the GOP can cling to power by disenfranchising voters.
Joel Bleifuss

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