March 2024 Volume 48, Issue 2

You Can't Be Neutral in a Flooding House
Summer rains wreaked havoc in Cicero, Illinois—and unleashed a movement demanding change.
Ankur Singh
One Portrait Was Too Many. Now There Are 110.
Nayana LaFond’s Portraits in RED series centers the “silent crisis” facing Indigenous women
Sherell Barbee
Trump's Faux-Populism Is Straight out of the Fascist Playbook
Revisiting Trump's demagoguery on the campaign trail.
In These Times Editors
Pessimism Is a Luxury We Can't Afford
The fights ahead are daunting—but the world is ours to win.
Dayton Martindale
Israel & PalestineComics
How Can We Get Alan Dershowitz to Shut up Forever?
New comics about Alan Dershowitz, the NYPD, COP28 and a fantastic play on The Wasteland.
The War on Gaza Is a Labor Issue
Workers in the U.S. can't look away from Israel's assault on Gaza—our labor is helping fuel the war machine.
Paul Stauffer
Photo of the Crazy Mountain Range in Montana. Mountains in the distance have snow on them in the background. In the foreground is a lush, green mountain valley.
Rural America
How To Privatize a Mountain
As a wave of wealth sweeps Montana, landowners are blocking the public from public lands.
Joseph Bullington
Is Biden Letting Republicans Set the Terms of the Immigration Debate?
“We have given into the Republican narrative in such a way that we’re beginning to sound like them”: A roundtable discussion with Rep. Delia Ramirez, Heba Gowayed, Victor Narro and Carlos Rojas Rodriguez
Natascha Elena Uhlmann
Una mano con forma de bandera americana agarra un alarme de espino
ViewpointInterviewEn Español
¿Está Permitiendo Biden Que Los Republicanos Fijen Los Términos Del Debate Sobre Inmigración?
“Hemos cedido a la narrativa republicana de tal manera que estamos empezando a sonar como ellos.” Una discusión con Rep. Delia Ramírez, Heba Gowayed, Víctor Narro y Carlos Rojas Rodríguez
Natascha Elena Uhlmann

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