May 2023 Volume 47, Issue 04

ITT May 2023 Cover: The New Face of Black Lung
DispatchRural America
Big Dairy is Milking California Dry
A small town fights back against dairy expansion.
Ian Whitaker
The Fight Continues Against Chicago’s Old Guard
Revisiting Harold Washington's initial challenges after Brandon Johnson's win.
In These Times Editors
“I Think I’m Done Striving”: Delia Cai Against the American Dream
After writing her debut novel, the Central Places author turns her ambitions to her community
Jireh Deng
Cover StoryInvestigationGoodman Institute
The Young Miners Dying of “An Old Man’s Disease”
Black lung is completely preventable. And it's on the rise again.
Kim Kelly
This Season’s Hottest Trend: Anti-Consumption
Deinfluencers are inviting us to consume less—is it just a fad?
In These Times Editors
Bengaluru’s Sanitation Workers Say No to the System’s Scraps
If the city’s ragpickers and pourakarmikas stopped working for even a day, Bengaluru would plunge into disease and chaos.
Srikar Raghavan
In These Times Remembers Staughton Lynd, Peter Marcuse, Paul Schrade and Eric Werthman
While thanking our supporters in the May 2023 issue, we also remember those who are no longer with us and are honored to recognize several of our champions who passed away in 2022.
In These Times Editors
Brandon Johnson Took on Republican Megadonors—and Won. Is Helen Gym Next?
In These Times Executive Director Alex Han argues that what just happened in Chicago—and what happens next in Philadelphia—sets the table for what’s possible for our country in 2024.
Alex Han
Biden Betrays Youth With Willow Project—and Breaks His Own Promise
We need a youth movement more powerful than the fossil fuel industry. Why Sunrise Movement organizers are fighting to end the fossil fuel era.
Dejah Powell

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