Billionaires Need to Get on Board With More Taxes or Expect the Pitchforks
The super-rich have made a killing off of the pandemic. It’s time to tax the hell out of them to pay for programs that serve the working class.
Miles Kampf-Lassin
Sanctions Didn't Help Cubans, Iranians or Venezuelans. They Won't Help Afghans.
Economic punishment is taking a brutal toll during the pandemic.
Natasha Hakimi Zapata
Leaving Afghanistan Is the Right Thing To Do. We Never Should Have Been There.
Now our obligation is to those Afghans living with the consequences of our four decades of intervention.
Peter Certo
How Domestic Elites and Foreign Meddling Undermine Haitian Democracy
To understand the rise and fall of Jovenel Moïse, we must understand the forces that propped him up.
Sophonie Milande Joseph and François Pierre-Louis
Donald Trump Is Personally Responsible for Hundreds of Thousands of COVID Deaths
An honest look at what a single lunatic has caused.
Hamilton Nolan
We Can’t Let the Generals Who Lied About the Afghanistan War Define Its Legacy
The U.S. architects of the ruinous war are getting the last word on its “lessons.”
Sarah Lazare
The Infrastructure and Budget Bills Are a Watershed in U.S. Economic Doctrine
Deficit demagogy has (finally) become a fringe position in American politics—just look at the massive bills moving through Congress.
Max B. Sawicky
The Political Magic of the Democrats’ Infrastructure Plan
Biden and the Democrats have put forward proposals that would finally invest in public services that help humans flourish.
Rick Perlstein
Nina Turner’s Loss Holds Lessons for Future Left Candidates
A flood of dark money and establishment opposition helped sink Turner’s campaign—but progressive challengers can still win if they learn from the defeat while running on a redistributive platform.
Natalie Shure
Democrats Will Never Stop Triangulating Against Justice
Running against "defund the police" is both cowardly and wrong. Democratic leaders find that irresistible.
Hamilton Nolan
Dear Congress: Say No to Water Privatization in the Infrastructure Bill
Water costs have soared in recent years as federal funding for water infrastructure has shrunk. Privatization is the last thing we need.
Rural America In These Times
An Old Idea for a Guaranteed Income Is Back in Style
A new proposal for a negative income tax could eliminate poverty in the United States.
Max B. Sawicky
We Need Radical Economic Change—Not Biden's Corporate Capitalism
Stimulus packages are not enough. Only practices of deep democracy and shared ownership can end our cycle of economic disaster.
Stacey Sutton
We Don't Have Time for Climate Symbolism
As we hurtle towards climate chaos, Democratic leaders remain all talk and no action on serious climate policy.
Mark Schlosberg
We Are Zoomers and We Want the PRO Act
Gen Z and Millennials are facing a bleak economic future. The answer is to massively expand union membership and democratize workplaces.
James Coleman and Nick Gonzalez
The For the People Act Isn’t Dead
Don’t believe the pundits—there’s a growing grassroots movement to save American democracy and pass sweeping voting rights reform.
Mahnoor Imran and Adam Eichen
Voter Suppression Is White Supremacy. It Must Be Stopped.
In recent years, down-ballot wins across the country have legalized marijuana, overturned Jim Crow-era election law, and hiked minimum wages. The GOP’s campaign to suppress the Black vote threatens wins like these.
Kayla Reed
BLM protesters marched on streets
Introducing the Movement for Black Lives Issue Takeover
Lessons on building collective power.
Barbara Ransby, Chinyere Tutashinda, Karissa Lewis, M Adams and Shanelle Matthews
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