How the DCCC’s “Blacklist” Could Blow Up in the Democratic Establishment’s Face
The attacks on the party’s left flank might be backfiring. Just look at Marie Newman’s primary challenge to Dan Lipinski.
Natalie Shure
Only Bernie’s Green New Deal Answers Greta’s Call for Action
To fulfill the promise of the climate strikes, we need a bold policy solution.
Christopher D. Cook
Meet the Hawkish Liberal Think Tank Powering the Kamala Harris Campaign
The Center for a New American Security has long pushed Democrats to embrace war and militarism—and it's poised to play an influential role in a future Democratic administration.
Branko Marcetic
Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and the Working-Class Iowa Test
At the People’s Presidential Forum, bold left-wing policies dominated the debate, as both Sanders and Warren sought to expand their support ahead of Iowa's critical caucuses.
Gavin Aronsen
Bernie Sanders to Chicago Teachers: Worker Militancy Is Key to Fighting the Corporate Elite
At a raucous rally on Tuesday, Sanders stood with Chicago teachers who are on the verge of another citywide strike.
Miles Kampf-Lassin
Joe Biden Lied His Face Off About the Iraq War
Our score for Biden’s debate performance: 8 million pinocchios.
Branko Marcetic
Here’s the Radical Housing Plan That All 2020 Candidates Should Embrace
With the U.S. facing an extreme housing crisis, now there's a clear-eyed plan for guaranteeing housing as a human right. The 2020 candidates should get on board.
Miles Kampf-Lassin
A Close Look at Kamala Harris’ Hawkish Foreign Policy
Harris has little to say on the subject. But her record speaks volumes.
Sarah Lazare
Elizabeth Warren Is Making a Mistake By Trying to Win Over Democratic Party Elites
If Warren wants to enact “big, structural change,” working within the Democratic Party establishment is a poor strategy.
Branko Marcetic
Kamala Harris Pledged To Halt Fracking. Her Foreign Policy Advisor Wants The Opposite.
If ‘personnel is policy,’ then the choice of Michèle Flournoy suggests a President Harris would expand oil and natural gas extraction.
Branko Marcetic
At First-Ever Native American Presidential Forum, Candidates Answer to Centuries of Injustice
With Indian country’s electoral power growing, presidential hopefuls pledged to honor treaties and enact structural change.
Stephanie Woodard
Democratic Candidates Flake on Detroit Environmental Justice Forum
Most candidates tout a just transition for “frontline communities” like Detroit, but only Jay Inslee showed up to meet with residents. Four candidates backed out, and 15 others snubbed the event entirely.
Christine MacDonald
CNN Should Have Asked About Ranked-Choice Voting. It’s Not Too Late.
For bold policy solutions to have a chance, we first need voting reform.
Adam Ginsburg, FairVote
Corporate Democrats Have Been in the Driver’s Seat for 30 Years. Not Anymore.
In Tuesday’s debate, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren obliterated the corporate Democratic Party consensus. It’s about damn time.
Branko Marcetic
Biden, Buttigieg and Harris Rewarded by Industry for Waffling on Medicare for All
Sanders and Warren voiced unequivocal support for single-payer. Health insurance and pharma execs showered money on their opponents.
Anna Attie
How a Sewer Socialist City May Push Democrats Left in 2020
When presidential hopefuls arrive in Milwaukee for the 2020 Democratic National Convention, they must choose whether to embrace the city’s socialist history, or run from it.
Lindsey Anderson
Meet Jessica Cisneros, the 26-Year-Old Left Challenger Taking on ‘Trump’s Favorite Democrat’
In an interview, Cisneros talks about the need for Medicare for All, fighting corporate Democrats and why Texas is ready for change.
Malaika Jabali
The DNC Debate Rules Are Turning Small Donors Into a Racket
The new rules are an invitation—and maybe even a requirement—for candidates to buy their way onto the stage.
Christopher Hass
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