Working Families Party: Sanders Needs Warren in the Race
Warren supporters argue her presence helps win more voters to a progressive agenda.
Ryan Grim and Rachel M. Cohen
Under Bloomberg, the NYPD Massively Expanded Its Racist Gang Database
Stop-and-frisk has received more attention, but Bloomberg’s role in broadening New York’s discriminatory gang database should raise serious concern about what his presidency would look like.
Josmar Trujillo
Elizabeth Warren, Please Drop Out for the Sake of a Better World
Warren has no path to the Democratic nomination, but by dropping out and endorsing Bernie Sanders she can still help make her egalitarian vision a reality.
Hamilton Nolan
There Have Been 21 Debate Questions About Paying For Social Programs, Zero About Paying For War
Democratic debate moderators are sending the message that we can afford policies that spread militarism—but not those that protect human life.
Sarah Lazare
It’s Not Just Bernie Anymore—Centrist Dems Are Skipping AIPAC in a “Watershed Moment”
Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg have joined Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren in abandoning the pro-Israel conference that critics call "a fringe, right-wing, radioactive rogue organization."
Julia Conley
The Media Doesn’t Know How to Process the Fact That Bernie Sanders Is Winning
Corporate media has moved from denial to anger.
Jim Naureckas
Superdelegates Were Designed To Stop a Candidate Like Bernie
Of course the establishment candidates approve of superdelegates—these unelected electors were created precisely to protect the party elite.
Branko Marcetic
Bloomberg Unleashes Warren’s Rage—At Last
If Warren has a superpower, it is her anger—a righteous, coruscating fury that beautifully clarifies the moral stakes of a rigged economy.
Kathleen Geier
Bernie’s Strategy To Win California—And Everywhere
Sanders is taking a risk no one has before: banking on new voters
Nuala Bishari
“I Would Love Medicare for All”: A Nevada Culinary Union Member on Why She Supports Bernie Sanders
While the powerful Culinary Workers Union in Nevada is attacking Sanders' universal healthcare plan, a rank-and-file worker says "a lot of members want Bernie" and support Medicare for All.
Rebecca Burns
Buttigieg and Centrist Dems Want a Military Response to Climate Change. That’s Dangerous.
The Pentagon sees climate victims as threats.
Sarah Lazare
Yes, Michael Bloomberg Is Definitely an Oligarch
The multi-billionaire has spent his career using his fortune to undermine democracy and enact his preferred political agenda. His presidential gambit is just the latest example.
Paul Heideman
In the Middle of the Night, Bernie Was Tipped Toward Iowa Victory by Working-Class Immigrant Votes
Foreign-language satellite caucuses took a projected state delegate win away from Pete Buttigieg.
David Goodner
Bernie Sanders’ Feat in Iowa Shows Democratic Socialism Can Win
By taking the popular vote lead in Iowa, Sanders has upended the notion that running as a socialist is a liability.
Miles Kampf-Lassin
These Blue-Collar Trump Supporters Think the Economy Is Great. Your Move, Democrats.
At Trump’s Milwaukee rally, supporters boasted that he’s ushered in an economic miracle. Democrats face the challenge of convincing them otherwise.
Kari Lydersen
Barbara Ehrenreich on Her Endorsement of Bernie Sanders and Why Socialism Should Be Fun
In a sprawling interview, Ehrenreich explains why Sanders is her choice for 2020, the joys of radical politics and why there's no time to wait on capitalism to solve the climate crisis.
Indigo Olivier
The Latest Perversion of Martin Luther King Jr.? Invoking His Legacy to Defend Means-Testing.
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a committed democratic socialist. If you want to honor his legacy, join the fight for universal social programs.
Eli Day
Yes, Joe Biden Has Long Pushed Cuts to Social Security. End of Story.
Bernie Sanders is right to call out Biden’s objectionable record on cutting Social Security—no matter what Paul Krugman says.
Max B. Sawicky
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