Want Progressive U.S. Politics? Continue to Reform the Democratic Party Rules
There would be far more elected officials like Jamaal Bowman and AOC, if New York complied with the new Party reforms.
Larry Cohen
The Democratic Platform Fight Shows It’s Still Obama’s Party
Bernie Sanders supporters have pushed for progressive priorities in the platform, but the Barack Obama wing of the Democratic establishment is still in the driver’s seat.
Branko Marcetic
What’s Missing From the Biden-Bernie Task Force Plan? Medicare for All.
The recommendations are an improvement on Biden's previous healthcare plans, but a public option won't cut it. We need free, universal coverage.
Natalie Shure
The People Who Will Draft the Democratic Platform Have a Conflict of Interest Problem
Next up after the Biden-Sanders task forces? The Democratic platform drafting committee—and progressives have their work cut out for them.
Branko Marcetic
The Church of Latter-Day Socialists
These Mormons are taking the church back to its socialist roots.
Nicholas Greyson Ward
The Left’s Resurgence Is For Real
Jamaal Bowman and other progressive and democratic socialist challengers had a very good night, while Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez cruised to victory—proving that the left wing is a force to be reckoned with.
Miles Kampf-Lassin
New York’s Samelys López Has a Radical Proposal: Poverty Shouldn’t Be a Death Sentence
López, a left-wing challenger running for Congress, discusses disaster capitalism, defunding police and how she's taking on the Democratic establishment.
Malaika Jabali
Want to Defeat Trump Without Campaigning for Biden? Here’s How.
Socialists and other Bernie Sanders supporters can play a critical role in defeating right-wing populism while building a left-wing alternative for the long term—by going down-ballot.
David Duhalde
The President Is Goading Anti-Lockdown Militias to Violence
We must not overlook the danger of Trump's signaling.
Max Elbaum
David Sirota: The Democratic Party’s Tyranny of Decorum Helped Sink Bernie
Sanders could have gone harder against Biden, but ultimately it was the establishment that stood in his way.
David Sirota
Astra Taylor: Bernie Sanders’ Exit Is an Indictment of Our Broken System—Not His Campaign
Voter suppression was stronger than Bernie Sanders' voter turnout plan. And the pandemic has made things worse.
Astra Taylor
Bernie Sanders Started the Revolution. The Rest Is Up to Us.
Sanders ended his presidential campaign, but he's laid a path to take on corporate power and win democratic socialism.
Meagan Day and Micah Uetricht
What’s Joe Biden’s Response to Coronavirus? Even He Doesn’t Seem Sure.
Biden's coronavirus response plan doesn't just fall short—it also doesn't match what he's been telling the public.
Branko Marcetic
One Big Reason Bernie Sanders Must Stay in the Race
Only if he continues his campaign will the Democratic Party reform movement be able to bring resolutions to the convention floor.
Larry Cohen
In Chicago, a Billionaire-Backed Candidate and Police Are Trying To Oust a Progressive Prosecutor
Kim Foxx's office has reduced incarceration rates by nearly 20% and taken major steps toward reform. Now, she's under attack.
Taylor Moore
Why Bernie Must Keep Going: It’s About Our Future
Sanders is down, but he's not out. And he can still help advance a progressive agenda for all of us.
Christopher D. Cook
Despite His Losses, Bernie Sanders’ Agenda Is Winning
While Sanders lost in Michigan and other states, exit polls show voters want Medicare for All, an economic transformation and a nominee who will run on a progressive platform. Those demands aren’t going anywhere.
Miles Kampf-Lassin
The Democratic Establishment Is Trying to Crush Bernie Sanders, But It Hasn’t Stopped Him
While the Democratic Party’s corporate wing helped Biden gain on Super Tuesday, Sanders’ left-wing vision is still popular—and can still win.
Miles Kampf-Lassin
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