Biden Bombed, But CNN Debate Moderators Set a New Benchmark for Cynicism
While the debate was a nightmare for team Biden, the moderators gave Trump's lies free rein—and ensured that it wasn't much of a debate at all.
Adam Johnson
Jamaal Bowman’s Loss Does Not Mean That AIPAC Is Winning
The Squad may have lost a key member, but AIPAC has had to drastically narrow its ambitions, targeting the most vulnerable of Israel critics in order to inflate its strength.
Branko Marcetic
The Myth of the "Poll-Driven" Democrat Is Cover for Conservative Policy Preferences
Selective "popularism" is being used by the Democratic Party establishment to pursue reactionary ideological goals.
Adam Johnson
Biden’s Bloody-Red Line in Rafah
Israel’s horrific attack on displaced Palestinians in Rafah comes as the Biden administration is facing increasing global isolation over its support for the assault on Gaza.
Phyllis Bennis
The Threats To U.S. Democracy Go Far Beyond Elections and the Courts
We need to do more than protect our elections. Getting money out of politics, repealing anti-dissent laws and ensuring more accountability from elected officials are equally important to democracy.
Basav Sen
Congress Has Decided to Stay Far Too White
The GOP-led House has eliminated the office on diversity and inclusion, maintaining a system of racial exclusion in the halls of power.
James Jones
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis speaks during a news conference on February 05, 2024 in Miami Beach, Florida.
The Right Has a New Playbook to Crush Unions and Enshrine Corporate Power
The American Legislative Exchange Council is pushing a spate of anti-worker bills in states across the country—the latest in the group's onslaught on collective bargaining rights.
Juliana Broad
A hand holds up a button that reads "I voted."
In an Apparent Rebuke, 14% of Chicago Democrats Voted Blank or Write-in for President
Tuesday’s primary results show more than 40,000 Chicago Democrats declining to select a choice for president, as voters around the country cast protest votes over President Joe Biden’s support for the Israeli genocide.
In These Times Editors
Unpacking Biden’s Second Term Economic Plan
The Biden administration’s proposed 2025 budget marks a departure for Democratic incumbents.
Max B. Sawicky
We Blocked Biden’s Motorcade to Say: No More Support for Genocide
We can’t abide our government abetting the mass slaughter of children in Gaza.
Saqib Bhatti
Can Unions Rebuild Our Democracy?
Our institutions have failed to protect democracy. Can unions take up the fight?
Alex Han
Trump Plans to Make His Massive Tax Cuts for the Rich and Corporations Permanent
The 2024 election will help decide whether the U.S. extends provisions of the Trump tax cuts, which allow the wealthy to steal from the public.
Sonali Kolhatkar
Biden Talked Rent in the State of the Union—Now He Needs a Real Plan to Deal with the Rent Crisis
The Biden administration can take immediate steps to protect tenants and lower the rent. Here’s how.
Tara Raghuveer
A sign in the foreground says "UNCOMMITTED" in red with Arabic text above, and a small image of a ballot with "uncommitted" checked and Biden unchecked. In the background is a woman in a hijab.
Your State May Not Count Your "Uncommitted" Vote
Different states have different ways voters can lodge protest votes, if they choose to. We’ve compiled a list of state primary rules below.
In These Times Editors
The Uncommitted Campaign Plans to Send Biden a Message This Super Tuesday
Michigan was just the start. Efforts are underway in multiple states today to tell Biden he must change his policy of unflagging support for Israel’s brutal war on Gaza.
Julia Conley
Supporting Palestinian Rights Used To Be Considered Far Left. Now It’s Mainstream.
It’s clear that the Democratic base has moved on supporting Palestinian rights. Leadership needs to catch up.
Sandra Tamari and Saqib Bhatti
Complicity in Genocide—The Case Against the Biden Administration
Israel’s mass bombardment of civilians in Gaza is being facilitated, aided and abetted by the United States government.
Azadeh Shahshahani and Sofía Verónica Montez
Forget Elections. Build Your Union.
Political power comes from labor power. Not vice versa.
Hamilton Nolan
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