The Wisconsin Idea

5 Things Unions Can Do To Defend Transgender Workers
Trans rights are workers’ rights.
Amy Livingston and Sarah Lazare
The Wave of Organizers Running for Office
Increasing numbers of organizers like Brandon Johnson are running for elected office. What does it mean for our movements?
Clément Petitjean
South Korea Declared War on Unions. Workers Are Fighting Back.
In the face of widespread repression, South Korean workers are rising up for fair pay and labor protections.
Maximillian Alvarez
Rural America
Construction Companies Are Exploiting Agricultural Visas to Underpay Workers. The Supreme Court Could Change That.
By bringing in H-2A visa workers to construct hog confinement facilities, companies can dodge overtime pay and undercut local construction workers. One company has asked the Supreme Court to weigh in.
Sky Chadde and Ryan Murphy
Two smiling workers stand back-to-back with signs reading, "UAW on Strike."
In Missouri, Autoworkers Are Fighting for the Future of the Industry
GM workers, out on their second strike in four years, are done with concessions.
Jacqui Germain
UAW President Shawn Fain Sets Noon Friday Deadline for Companies to Meet Demands
Transcript: In a live speech Monday, Fain called on autoworkers to be ready to join the strike if they have to.
Shawn Fain
Workers in the South Aren’t Letting Anti-Labor Laws Stop Them From Organizing
From a recent work action in Durham, North Carolina to union drives at REI and academic institutions, workers are taking important steps to organize the South.
Mindy Isser
Edward Said: “The Idea of Palestine Hounds Zionists”
In September of 1982, Edward Said analyzed the Zionist invasion of Lebanon, calling for justice for Palestinians. Days later, the right wing Lebanese Phalangist militia, accompanied by Israel, embarked on a brutal massacre at the Shatila refugee camp.
Nashwa Bawab
The Big 3 Want You To Think Striking Workers and the Climate Are at Odds. They’re Not.
Mainstream media coverage of the UAW strike has implied that workers’ demands stand in conflict with achieving climate goals. That’s BS.
Sarah Lazare
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