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The Wisconsin Idea

The #StopCopCity Movement Didn’t Lose
The Atlanta City Council—and the state more broadly—cannot define “loss” or “victory” for everyday people
Benji Hart
Rural America
Despite Heat Deaths, Many States Don’t Require Water Breaks
As temperatures break records, lawmakers in state after state have declined to require that companies give their outdoor workers shade and water breaks.
Barbara Barrett
The Teamsters and UPS Are Returning to the Bargaining Table. Will They Reach a Deal In Time?
Since negotiations broke down on July 5, Teamsters leadership has been touring UPS facilities around the country to rally the rank-and-file.
Teddy Ostrow and Ruby Walsh
The UPS Strike Looms as Corporate America Cashes In
The backdrop of what could be the largest strike at a single employer in decades is that CEOs and corporate America are making record profits as unions—from actors to Teamsters to hotel workers—fight back and flex their power this summer.
Stephen Franklin
Railroad Whistleblowers Keep Losing Their Jobs
Michael Paul Lindsey II, a locomotive conductor and engineer of 17 years, tried to sound the alarm on railroad safety. Not long after, he was fired.
Maximillian Alvarez
Women, including those with hijabs, shouting and making peace signs.
Sanctions Are an Act of War
Economic sanctions which claim to target authoritarian governments and wealthy profiteers of global conflicts only hurt innocent civilian populations.
Phyllis Bennis
We Can Solve Homelessness (If We Want To)
Our economic priorities have created a serious housing crisis and fueled homelessness. Solving the problem simply requires us to change our priorities from profits to people.
Sonali Kolhatkar
One Weird Trick to Help Solve the U.S. Housing Crisis
In a new book, Richard Kahlenberg explains that decades of arcane zoning regulations have led to our current system of high rents, restrictions on worker mobility, and racial and economic segregation.
Max B. Sawicky
The Guerrilla Gardeners Seedbombing the Suburbs
How guerrilla gardeners supply healthy food, beautify their community and support the local ecosystem.
Dayton Martindale
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