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Washington Strippers Win Bill of Rights
Dancers in Washington state have been fighting for increased protections at the clubs they work. Last week, they won legislation known as the "Strippers' Bill of Rights."
Kim Kelly
DispatchRural America
Can Tenants Take Back Bozeman?
Luxury construction is pushing locals out of their homes, but Bozemanites are not going quietly.
Joseph Bullington
InterviewIsrael & Palestine
“This Is a Movement of Hope": Wisconsin's Uninstructed Campaign Has Momentum
The Uncommitted national movement has reached Wisconsin, perhaps the most critical swing state in the country, for the April 2 primary. To learn more, In These Times interviewed Wisconsin organizers Reema Ahmad and Kyle Johnson, as well as elected officials Francesca Hong and Ryan Clancy.
Riley Roliff
Cargo Ship Owner Behind Baltimore Bridge Crash Sued Multiple Times for Alleged Negligence, Worker Injuries
The Maersk-chartered MV Dali was detained by port officials in Chile last June after inspectors discovered a problem related to the vessel's "propulsion and auxiliary machinery."
Brett Wilkins
This Union Is Organizing to Save Boeing From Itself
The Machinists are bargaining a contract with the airline giant for the first time in 16 years, and members are gearing up for strike votes this summer.
Don McIntosh
Missing Baltimore Bridge Workers Weren't Informed of Mayday Call
“We have people who love us, who wait for us to come home.”
Maximillian Alvarez
LaborViewpointIsrael & Palestine
Labor's 2024 Political Dilemma
Biden’s support for the genocide is indefensible, but we still need him to win.
Rand Wilson and Peter Olney
Wealthy Corporations Are Paying Their CEOs More Than They Pay in Taxes
Tesla, Ford, Netflix and T-Mobile are among scores of profitable U.S. firms that pay their top executives more than they pay in federal taxes. It’s a system that rewards the super rich and punishes the rest of us.
Sarah Anderson, William Rice and Zachary Tashman
CultureIsrael & Palestine
The Protest Song the IDF Tried to Silence
More than 40 years after the master copy was seized by Israeli forces, Zeinab Shaath's “The Urgent Call of Palestine” will be reissued on March 26.
Iman Husain
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