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The Wisconsin Idea

In a Summer of Record Heat, These Striking Workers Are Making Climate Demands
Pennsylvania workers represented by United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America have been on strike since late June. They're fighting for a green overhaul of the rail industry.
Sarah Lazare
L.A. Hotel Workers Are On Strike To Stem the City’s Housing Crisis
Hotel workers in Los Angeles endure grueling commutes as housing costs skyrocket. Now, they’re on strike for both fair wages and affordable housing.
David Helps
Tyler Childers’ New "In Your Love" Video Marries the Joy of Queer Love With the Horrors of Black Lung
Childers' new music video for "In Your Love” is a striking portrait of queer resilience—and coal baron greed.
Kim Kelly
Corporate Greed is a Moral Crisis. Working People Are Fighting Back.
Workers across the country are embracing their power in unprecedented ways. Many hope this “hot labor summer” is just the beginning.
Rosalyn Pelles and William J. Barber II
LaborDispatchThe Socialism Issue
Democratic Socialists Are Fueling a Hot Labor Summer
From strike support to training organizers and supporting union drives, DSA members are helping to build a fighting labor movement.
Indigo Olivier
Henrietta Lacks' Cells Contributed to Breakthrough Medical Advancements. Now, Her Family Will Finally be Compensated.
The news comes after two years of litigation in federal court—on what would have been Lacks' 103rd birthday.
Jessica Calefati
What Succession Teaches Us About Capitalism
The HBO hit series reminds us capitalism cannot be reformed, it must be destroyed.
Yasmin Nair
A New Idea for New Union Organizing
Unions don't organize enough people. Their structure is the problem.
Hamilton Nolan
Senator Duckworth Took Her Daughters to See Barbie. Because the Theater Wasn't Accessible, She Couldn't Join Them.
“The problem is, we’re always playing defense,” said Senator Duckworth. “We spend more time defending the ADA than we do expanding access.”
Sara Luterman
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