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Hyundai Workers in the South Are the Latest to Join UAW’s Sweeping Union Drive
Following record contract wins at the Big Three, the United Auto Workers is spearheading an ambitious organizing campaign that’s spreading across the U.S. South.
Luis Feliz Leon
The UAW Strike Saved Their Shuttered Plant, But the Fight Is Just Beginning
The revival of the Stellantis plant is a stunning reversal of fortunes for Belvidere, Ill. But workers say they won’t rest until they see the concrete being poured.
Sarah Lazare
The UAW Has Now Endorsed a Cease-Fire in Gaza and President Biden for 2024
Last month, the United Auto Workers backed an end to the violence in Gaza. Today, the union threw its support behind Biden—who has been a strong backer of Israel’s war—in his likely rematch with Republican Donald Trump.
Ivonne Ortiz
The Real A.I. Fight Is About Who Gets the Gains
It's not labor against technology. It's shared progress versus inequality.
Hamilton Nolan
This Emerging Green Technology Could Decarbonize Buildings and Provide Good Union Jobs
In New York and states across the country, thermal energy networks are helping unite the climate and labor movements while hastening a just transition away from fossil fuels.
Sara Van Horn
A group of people march down a street, one of them speaking into a megaphone. They hold sings that read, "UAW on strike" and "UAW: Stand up, en tiers, no more 2nd class workers."
Union Reformers Made Labor History in 2023. They're Just Getting Started.
A resurgence of labor militancy at UPS and the Big Three led to some of the best contracts in decades—but workers have even bigger ambitions for the year ahead.
Barry Eidlin
A large group of Amazon workers rally in front of Amazon's headquarters in Seattle on May 31, 2023, citing the company's changes to its climate policy, layoffs, and a return-to-office mandate. Some people hold what appear to be cardboard globes. Others hold picket signs.
2023 Was the Year of the Strike. What Can We Expect in 2024?
500,000 workers went out on strike in 2023. That's twice as many as the year before.
Jenny Brown
Shawn Fain stand behind a podium and microphones. He is wearing a blue UAW quarter-zip over a white collared shirt. Around him are Rep. Cori Bush, D-Mo., Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., and Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich.
Shawn Fain: “We Cannot Bomb Our Way to Peace.”
At a press conference in D.C. on December 14, UAW president Shawn Fain called for a cease-fire, alongside Democratic lawmakers and other labor leaders.
Shawn Fain
Inside NYC Home Care Workers’ Fight to End 24-Hour Work Shifts
Thousands of home care workers in New York City complete 24-hour shifts and suffer from chronic illness after years of overwork and sleep deprivation.
Xuandi Wang
Union members picket outside of Columbia College. Signs read, "Columbia Faculty On Strike for a Fair Contract.".
After 49 Days, the Longest Adjunct Strike in U.S. History Comes to a Close
“They’re not just treating us as discardable anymore.”
Jeff Schuhrke
Ten Predictions for Labor in 2024
Our crystal ball shows splintering coalitions, the rise of a new vanguard, and more.
Hamilton Nolan
Conserjes de oficinas y comercios, junto con otros miembros del Local 26 de SEIU, marcharon por un contrato sindical justo el 7 de diciembre en Minneapolis.
Los trabajadores de limpieza asean los establecimientos después de las compras navideñas, pero ellos no pueden festejar con sus familias.
“En mi cultura, Nochebuena es nuestro día para festejar … y yo me voy al trabajo como si fuera un día normal. Es duro para los niños.”
Sarah Lazare
The Fascist Movement’s Biggest Threat: Labor Unions?
An interview with Paul Ortiz on how unions have fought Gov. Ron Desantis’ reactionary rule—and unions as an anti-fascist force.
Bill Fletcher, Jr.
A worker holds a sign reading: We're on ULP strike!
Starbucks' Offer to Resume Contract Talks Comes with Some Serious Fine Print
Starbucks says it wants to bargain. Its behavior suggests otherwise.
Steven Greenhouse
They Clean After Holiday Shoppers. But They Don't Get to Celebrate with Their Families.
“In my culture, Christmas Eve is our day to celebrate. ... And I’m going to work like it’s a regular day. It’s hard on the kids.”
Sarah Lazare
UAW Endorses Cease-Fire, the Largest U.S. Union to Call for an Immediate End to the Violence
The announcement at a news conference where protesters have been on a hunger strike outside of the White House marks a major development for labor and the larger call for a cease-fire.
Mindy Isser
The UAW Just Challenged the Entire Labor Movement to Get More Ambitious
The United Auto Workers announced a new campaign to organize 150,000 new members at non-union shops. Every other major union should follow suit.
Hamilton Nolan
The UAW Strike Points the Way To a Different Vision of Economic Life
From its novel strategy to unprecedented contract wins, the United Auto Workers strike made history. The walkout suggests a broader revival of class struggle and workplace democracy.
Nick French
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