Working In These Times

Why Aren’t Workers at Unions Eligible for Public Service Loan Forgiveness?
While Biden has taken steps to provide student debt cancellation, union workers are excluded from a key relief program—while workers at anti-labor groups like the Heritage Foundation are covered.
Audrey Winn
Independent Unions Are Great—And Proof of Labor's Broken Institutions
The inspiring wave of independent labor organizing also represents the failure of existing unions.
Hamilton Nolan
“It’s Not Over”: While Biden Touts Rail Deal, Workers Have Yet to Vote—And Many Remain Skeptical
A national rail strike could still be on the table if rank-and-file workers reject the tentative agreement announced by the White House this week.
Jeff Schuhrke
In Minnesota, the Largest Private-Sector Nurses Strike in U.S. History
Protesting understaffing and low pay, Minnesota nurses hit the picket line in a “fight for our very profession.”
Sarah Lahm
The Strike that Started the Red Wave
Ten years ago, Chicago teachers modeled what a militant fight for public education looks like by walking off the job. A decade later, the legacy of social justice unionism continues to animate the U.S. labor movement.
Jackson Potter
“Players Realize Now: They’re Workers”: Why Baseball Minor Leaguers Voted to Unionize
The surge in U.S. labor organizing now includes minor league baseball players, who are agitating for higher pay and better protections on and off the field.
Abe Asher
The Working-Class Loggers Who Saved an Old-Growth Forest
Often cast as villains in the Northwest’s environmental battles, timber workers have a connection to the forest that goes far beyond jobs.
Steven C. Beda
Nonprofit Workers Shouldn’t Be Turned Away Because Unions Are at “Capacity”
It’s time for parent unions to think creatively about new organizing.
Myriam Sabbaghi
Heat Waves Are Literally Killing UPS Workers
Package deliverers and mail carriers aren’t just suffering from capitalist-induced climate change. They’re also often forced to work in vehicles without air conditioning.
Maximillian Alvarez
This Labor Day, Starbucks Workers Are Hosting Pro-Union “Sip-Ins” Across the U.S.
To commemorate Labor Day, Starbucks workers are planning actions at stores around the country—part of the growing campaign to organize the coffee chain.
Saurav Sarkar
These Starbucks Workers Demanded Fair Pay, Then Were Accused of Kidnapping Their Boss
Workers at a unionized Starbucks store in South Carolina call the allegations “ridiculous” and are continuing to organize for justice on the job.
Saurav Sarkar
Chicago Teachers Suspect Mayor Lightfoot Tried To Fire Them for Opposing a New Scrapyard
Chicago Public Schools targeted two teachers involved in a campaign to stop the relocation of a dirty General Iron metal shredder to Chicago’s Southeast Side. The union and the community fought back.
Maximillian Alvarez
500 Days Into the Warrior Met Coal Strike, Where Are Joe Biden and the Democrats?
As Alabama miners fight for their rights, Democratic leaders are largely absent.
Jacob Morrison
Ask a Railroad Worker: How Did Railroad Jobs Get So Bad?
As a national rail shutdown over mounting labor disputes looms in the US, it’s worth asking how we got here from the folks who know best—the workers themselves.
Maximillian Alvarez
Lessons From a Radical Past: One Man’s Journey Into the Factories in the 1970s
A veteran of the New Left's turn to the factories tells his story.
Peter Olney
Heat Waves Are Putting Teamsters in Danger
UPS workers say the company is not doing enough to protect employees from scorching temperatures.
Mindy Isser
Monkeypox Is a Workers' Rights Issue
The outbreak of monkeypox shows that workers need protections like paid leave and just cause to help protect public health.
Chipotle Shut Down Its Only Unionized Store. Organizers Say It’s Retaliation.
While the company denies the closure is related to union activity, it fits a larger pattern of union-busting efforts at other franchises like Starbucks and Heine Brothers’ Coffee.
Maximillian Alvarez
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