Working In These Times

The Two Things Unions Traded Away That Handed Workers to Trump
Industrial workers know their unions can't stop plant closures.
Staughton Lynd
UAW Members Have an Historic Opportunity to Democratize Their Union
The UAW has been a one-party union for decades. That could all change.
Nelson Lichtenstein
The “Essential Worker” Swindle
How this label is used to justify a social order in which workers are abused, discarded and left to die.
Sarah Lazare
These Cargill Workers in Turkey Have Spent Over 1,000 Days Protesting Their Unfair Firing
A conversation with Suat Karlikaya, a lead organizer with the Tobacco, Drink, Food and Allied Workers Trade Union of Turkey.
Maximillian Alvarez
The Labor Movement Has a Game Plan for the Biden Era
This time, unions intend to get something done.
Jeff Schuhrke
How Chicago Teachers Are Resisting the City's Dangerous School Reopenings
A conversation with special-ed teachers about what's at stake, and the retaliation teachers are facing for speaking out.
Maximillian Alvarez
The Animal Legal Defense Fund Is Busting Its Union With a Smile
A nonstop anti-union campaign comes with assurances that management is "really progressive"
Hamilton Nolan
With Democrats in Full Control, It's Time to Pass the PRO Act
A conversation with leaders of the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades.
Maximillian Alvarez
The Labor Movement Hasn't Won Anything Yet
It looks like Democrats will win control of the Senate. But total political victory gets you nothing except permission to start the real work
Hamilton Nolan
Chicago Teachers Are Considering a Strike Amid Pandemic Surge
With Covid cases rising, the Chicago Teachers Union and its allies are resisting Mayor Lightfoot's plan to force educators back into the classroom—and could walk off the job.
Jeff Schuhrke
Workers Resist Pandemic-Era Disaster Capitalism in Ecuador
The Ecuador government took advantage of the pandemic to slash workers’ rights.
Kimberley Brown
Google Workers Say the Endless Wait to Unionize Big Tech Is Over
"You have a union when you say you have a union."
Hamilton Nolan
The Union Members Who Voted for Trump Have to Be Organized—Not Ignored
Unions should be holding more political discussions with their members—and listening closely to their needs.
Mindy Isser
Why Workers Fought and Died for Union Hiring Halls
Part II of a conversation with Tacoma longshore workers Zack Pattin and Brian "Skiff" Skiffington.
Maximillian Alvarez
The Year That Labor Hung On By Its Fingertips
Disasters, missed opportunities, and a few bright spots in 2020.
Hamilton Nolan
The Stunning Workers' Victory in New Mexico That You Haven't Heard About
New Mexico made it way easier for workers to form a union. Here's what it means.
C.M. Lewis
Growing Up Punk and Union on the Waterfront
A conversation with longshore workers and union leaders.
Maximillian Alvarez
Dear Mackenzie: There's One More Donation You Owe to the World
Unionize Amazon.
Hamilton Nolan
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