Working In These Times

In Ohio's Cancer Cluster, Workers Fight for Justice—and Transparency
“They hired the healthiest workers because it takes us longer to get sick.”
Maximillian Alvarez
Closeup of a hand spinning a roulette wheel, with hands moving betting tokens in the background.
Casino Workers Are Fighting for the Air They Breathe
“Why are our lives less important than every other employee in the state of New Jersey?”
Kim Kelly
Union Power Can Change Campus Protests Forever
A strike authorization vote at the University of California over repression of Gaza protesters hints at labor's political potential.
Hamilton Nolan
In Labor’s Mission to Organize the South, Another Domino Could Soon Fall
Following the UAW's successful campaign at Volkswagen's Tennessee plant, workers at a Mercedes-Benz facility in Alabama will vote this month on whether to join the union. A victory could indicate a sea change for labor’s prospects in the U.S. South.
Mindy Isser
East Palestine is a Labor Issue
“Norfolk Southern has not kept their promise to the whole community to make it right.”
Maximillian Alvarez
Bird Union Workers Tell Audubon Union Busting Won't Fly
More than two years into the fight for a new contract, union members say the National Audubon Society appears to be punishing them by withholding better benefits.
Avalon Edwards and Thomas Birmingham
Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson: On May Day, We Recommit to the Long Struggle of the Labor Movement
"We are still fighting for a world in which every person who works for a living can afford to take time off to rest, spend time with their loved ones, and enjoy their lives."
Brandon Johnson
Presidente de la UAW: El Primero de Mayo De 2028 Podría Transformar el Movimiento Sindical—y el Mundo
Shawn Fain hace un llamado a los sindicatos de todo el mundo para que alineen las fechas de vencimiento de sus contratos para lograr un impacto masivo.
Shawn Fain
Shawn Fain: May Day 2028 Could Transform the Labor Movement—and the World
The UAW President is calling on unions everywhere to align their contract expiration dates for mass impact.
Shawn Fain
With Few Workplace Safety Protections, Latino Worker Deaths Are Surging
The statistics are sobering, and it's likely we're still undercounting: Only one-fourth of injuries suffered by Latino workers on small construction jobs are regularly reported, one study found.
Stephen Franklin
11 Lessons From 11 Years After the Rana Plaza Disaster
Corporate exploitation has a playbook, so should we.
Anna Canning and Sarah Newell
Volkswagen Workers in Chattanooga Vote "UAW, Yes!"—and Win Big
“With UAW’s win at Volkswagen, another gateway to the South has been opened. No longer will the wage-and-benefit standards of the million-strong auto workforce in the U.S. be set by the non-union portion of the industry."
Luis Feliz Leon
Lawsuit: Alabama Is Denying Prisoners Parole to Lease Their Labor to Meatpackers, McDonalds
No parole if you’re still profitable.
Kim Kelly
A young girl points a pink Polaroid at the camera as a man in a baseball cap looks on, laughing. They're in a living room cluttered with toys and photos.
The Nation’s Coal Miners Get a Rare Piece of Good News
MSHA’s new silica rule—recommended 50 years ago—could save thousands from black lung, although advocates worry about enforcement.
Kim Kelly
What Today's Labor Activists Can Learn From the Legacy of Ron Carey
The late Teamsters reform leader Ron Carey succeeded in turning around a corrupt and conservative union. Today’s labor reformers looking to revitalize their own unions can take lessons from his career.
Steve Early and Rand Wilson
Two Years In, These “Progressive” Companies Still Haven’t Negotiated First Union Contracts
The union wave at big U.S. retailers hasn’t yet resulted in first contracts for workers at Trader Joe’s, Starbucks and REI. But unions are proving their value in other ways.
Jeremy Gantz
Can Grocery Workers Take Back Their Union?
Faye Guenther’s multiyear plan to revolutionize the grocery workers union.
Hamilton Nolan
The Baltimore Bridge Collapse is a Story About Deregulation
From Baltimore to East Palestine, deregulation is killing working people.
Maximillian Alvarez
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