Solidarity Is Our Power: Our 10 Biggest Stories of 2022

Restorative practices, abortion rights, and a fearless labor movement: We look back at a year of resistance.

In These Times Editors

Madison Williams, 4, holds a Black Lives Matter sign while her mother takes a picture during a racial justice march for Amir Locke on February 5, 2022 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Photo by Nathan Howard/Getty Images

This has been a year of struggle. It’s also been a year of fierce resistance. From the right-wing attack on abortion rights to a violent machinery of state justice,” there is much to mourn and fight for. But there are also reasons to hope: fearless organizing against our police state, worker solidarity in the fight for reproductive justice, and a resurgent labor movement that will stop at nothing short of abundance for all workers.

Here are our biggest stories of 2022.

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