Sealing Criminal Records Benefits Us All
About 1 in 3 adults have a criminal record. Each year as a result, millions of people are barred from housing, jobs and public benefits—condemning families to a lifetime of economic hardship.
Solidarity Is Our Power: Our 10 Biggest Stories of 2022
Restorative practices, abortion rights, and a fearless labor movement: We look back at a year of resistance.
Our Biggest Labor Stories of 2022
Sluggish institutions, corporate mergers, billionaires behaving badly: It’s been a watershed year for the labor beat.
The Necessary Refuge of Third Places
Our public meeting spaces have been disappearing. It’s time to reclaim them.
Elites Are Clueless, and so on
Kurt Vonnegut's words live on.
Gary Fabiano-Pool/Getty Images
Debt Ceiling Deja Vu
Then and now, how does the bipartisan embrace of austerity help working people?
Bosses Hate This One Trick
Work-to-rule is not walking away from a fight, but a different way to fight.
Beware the Copaganda Machine
Media portrayals of police as good-hearted heroes warp our collective view of reality. Don't trust them.
Lula: The Once and Future President?
On the eve of the presidential election in Brazil, which will pit former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva against far-right incumbent Jair Bolsonaro, In These Times revisits Lula’s first year in power.
Corporate Stooges in Blue Collar Clothing
Tensions between right-wing populists and free-marketers have been bubbling up since the 1970s. Will the populists of today exploit this to their political advantage?
Why People Say There's a "Nonprofit Industrial Complex"
Rather than building mass movements, talented organizers get funneled into staff and admin jobs just to keep the charity running.
Teens Work, Drive and Pay Taxes. They Should Be Able To Vote, Too.
Greater civic engagement will depend on enfranchising young voters
When Abortion Clinics Had Business Cards
A history of abortions before Roe
Before Wokeness, There Was “Political Correctness”
Revisiting a left case against PC culture from the 90s
Community Care Over Self-Care
Unlike community care, self-care consumption rituals are unequally accessible and rarely prevent burnout
Revisiting 1990s Critical Race Theorists
To understand America, we must listen to what Black scholars have been saying about what it means to be white.
The Gig Economy Needs Worker-Owned Apps
Platform co-ops could cut out the Silicon Valley middlemen
If You Like the Idea of a 4-Day Workweek, You'll Love the 5-Hour Workday
Some companies are implementing shorter workdays while others are opting for shorter workweeks increasing productivity.
The Time the WTO Yawned at the Revolution
In a Covid-19 world, revisiting the WTO talks in 1999 sheds light on what developing countries can do to end the pandemic.
Is Decentralizing the Internet the Answer?
Bitcoin, crypto, blockchain... what does it mean, and is anything coming from Big Tech really "revolutionary?"
Vaccine Apartheid: Straight from the Measles Playbook
Thirty years after the 1990s measles outbreak, it's still profits over people in Covid-19 America.
What If We Made Democracy... More Democratic?
When politicians seem increasingly out of touch with the average person, perhaps the average person should make decisions instead.
This Year in Working: The 10 Most-Read Labor Stories
Now's a good a time to look back and ask: What just happened?
Student Worker Isn’t an Oxymoron
This month University of California's Student Researchers United-UAW won their union, the largest unit of student employees organized at once in U.S. history. Let's look back 30 years at what campus organizers fought for.
Fifteen Minute Cities Could Be the Future of Urban Planning
This solution could be a blueprint not just for greater convenience, but for equity and sustainability.
How to Protect Time Off in a Remote Work World
Legislating the "right to disconnect" could help prevent wage theft in a virtual environment that has blurred the line between work and home.
The People the Left Lost to the Anti-Abortion Movement
After <i>Roe</i>, the Church and the Right outmaneuvered us for the moral high ground.
It's Time to Democratize City Budgets
"Ordinary citizens" are perfectly capable of allocating public money wisely. They should be given the power to do so.
Occupy Wall Street, Ten Years After
In 2011, Occupy organizers spoke with In These Times about challenges and opportunities. Ten years later, we look back on the decentralized, grassroots uprising.
20 Years of 9/11
Why the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan should be defended, and why America’s perpetual war footing must be abandoned.
9/11 and the Illusion of War Without Casualties
Twenty years ago, Naomi Klein wrote that 9/11 shattered Americans' "illusion of war without casualties." Now, after combat troops have been pulled out of Afghanistan, is it really "game over"?
Debt Is Usually Treated As A Personal Failure. Debtors' Unions Are Changing That.
With nearly three out of four households carrying some kind of debt, debtors' unions are reframing indebtedness as a shared problem and a source of collective power.
The "Landback" Movement Would Return Stolen Land to Indigenous Stewardship
Part of the larger decolonization movement, landback is critical in dismantling white supremacy and mitigating climate disaster.
DepartmentsM4BL Issue
The Meeting in 1998 That Kept Black Radicalism Alive
Two decades ago, the Black Radical Congress convened to reclaim revolution and denounce reformism.
Let's Not Forget the Suffering the United States Has Inflicted on Guatemala
In July 1996, In These Times documented the CIA's myriad abuses during the Guatemalan Civil War. It's a history that Vice President Kamala Harris has conveniently ignored.
Universal Child Care Could Revolutionize the Economy
The pandemic has exposed the utter lack of support for working parents. Universal child care is a completely workable solution.
AOC and Ed Markey Want a Civilian Climate Corps. Here's What It Could Look Like.
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Ed Markey just introduced a new plan to employ millions of Americans in good-paying jobs that respond to climate change. Who's in?
Who's Afraid of Critical Race Theory?
Right-wing censorship efforts are reaching new heights with the push to erase any talk of racism from American classrooms.
Will Biden Make Good on Obama's Promise to Close Guantánamo?
Twelve years ago, one of our writers outlined what needs to happen to finally shut down Gitmo.
Guilty Until Proven Wealthy
America's cash bail system criminalizes poverty and exacerbates racial inequality. Illinois abolished it. Other states should, too.
How the Democrats Blew the Last Big Labor Bill
Twelve years ago, Congress failed to pass the Employee Free Choice Act. Will the PRO Act meet the same fate?
The Labor Movement Has a Card to Play—And We Need to Play It
Card check, which makes forming a union faster and easier for workers, is the centerpiece of the PRO Act. It's an essential tool for the labor movement.
Devastation and Uprising: 2020 in 10 Numbers
The pandemic has disproportionately impacted communities of color and amplified wealth inequality. But Americans have also demonstrated their incredible resilience.
The Electoral College Needs to Go. Here’s How States Can Bypass It.
Hillary Clinton and Al Gore both won the popular vote, but lost the election. It’s time for the people to choose who becomes president.
Republicans Never Wanted a Fair Fight
Lessons from the tumultuous election in 2000 are still relevant 20 years later.
What You Need to Know About BDS
The global, nonviolent movement for Palestinian freedom.
How to Boost Unions’ Power? Sectoral Bargaining.
Industry-wide bargaining could decrease inequality and improve livelihoods for unionized workers.
What a Just Transition Would Actually Mean for Workers
If there can be a Superfund for toxic dirt, there should be one for workers.
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