5:30am - The Unspeakable Hour

David Sirota

It is 5:30am, and I'm in the basement of the Pepsi Center, in the CNN Green Room (aka. a mess of laptop computers, frazzled producers, makeup people and giant jugs of coffee). I think I just saw Carly Fiorina - John McCain's economic adviser - get made up, though its very early so I couldn't be sure. I'm sort of shocked at how totally awake and caffeinated everyone is here at this, the time of day we call "the unspeakable hour" in my household. Then again, I'm told that people don't sleep much during these conventions.OK - I'm being called to go onto the floor to do the spot. It's about Joe Biden. I'll post the YouTube later, if I can track it down. I'll be discussing Biden more thoroughly on AM760 - Denver's big progressive talk show. You can tune in at http://www.am760.net this morning.

David Sirota is an awardwinning investigative journalist and an In These Times senior editor. He served as speech writer for Bernie Sanders’ 2020 campaign. Follow him on Twitter @davidsirota.
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