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In These Times is growing: We’re excited to announce that labor organizer and activist Alex Han has joined us as the new Executive Director.

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Christopher Hayes

As I work on a few deadline pieces, here are some good websites to check out: Iraq Veterans Against the War -- This is a group of veterans of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq who are supporting a withdrawal of US troops. I'm not quite sure if that's the best policy, but I haven't watched people getting shot at and killed. A random thought: how devastating would it be to make TV ads with Iraq war veterans lambasting Bush for the deception about WMD and absolute lack of planning for the occupation? Operation Truth -- An officially non-partisan organization started by Iraq war veteran Paul Rieckhoff committed to giving voice to soldiers' grievances. Labor Blog -- Since it's essentially impossible to get the mainstream media to cover labor issues in anything remotely resembling a sustained manner, this new blog should be indispensable. There are a TON of labor issues at stake in this election, not the least among them overtime.

Christopher Hayes is the host of MSNBC’s All In with Chris Hayes. He is an editor at large at the Nation and a former senior editor of In These Times.
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