Largest Environmental Demonstration in History

Jacob Wheeler

As many as 100,000 demonstrators marched on Saturday, Dec. 12, from the Christiansborg Parliament in downtown Copenhagen on a six-kilometer route toward the Bella Center, where the COP15 global climate summit is taking place.The march was vibrant, beautiful, musical and largely peaceful, despite the Danish police's targeted arrests of over 500 activists at the back of the line (where European "black bloc" anarchists were trying to infiltrate). Various indigenous peoples' leaders led the march, which arrived outside the Bella Center, and were greeted with an address by South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Chuck Olsen, Rich Fuentes and I shot videos of the march for, and Chuck created this beautiful compilation of vignettes, which you can see below—the largest environmental demonstration in history!—Jacob Wheeler

Jacob Wheeler is a contributing editor at In These Times.
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