Thinking ahead

Jessica Clark

ITT Publisher Jeff Epton reports in from Wisconsin GOTV efforts that SEIU election workers are already wearing badges that say ???Quality Affordable Healthcare Job 1 in 2005.??? They???re breaking advertisements tonight in DC congratulating Kerry on his victory and telling him to get to work on healthcare.He cites this move to influence Kerry's policy as evidence of both optimism and foresight on the part of a union which has been stuck in an ???Anybody But Bush??? mode for the last several months??

Jessica Clark is a writer, editor and researcher, with more than 15 years of experience spanning commercial, educational, independent and public media production. Currently she is the Research Director for American University’s Center for Social Media. She also writes a monthly column for PBS’ MediaShift on new directions in public media. She is the author, with Tracy Van Slyke, of Beyond the Echo Chamber: Reshaping Politics Through Networked Progressive Media (2010, New Press).
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