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Addington’s Bullshit Has Been Called Already
Kerry Calls Bluff, Addington Backs Down from Fourth Branch of Government Claim
WaPo on Cheney Part 4: Dick’s Anti-Environmentalist Agenda
The Daily Show on Fourth Branch Cheney
Henry Writes a Letter to the White House Counsel About Multiple Security Violations
Lugar Joins the Defeatocrats
WaPo on Cheney Part 3: How The Puppet Master Pulls the Puppet’s Strings
Fighting Back Against Voter Intimidation and Campaign Disinformation
Political News Video Aggregator
Some Reaction to WaPo Cheney Story Part 2
A Question for Democratic Presidential Candidates
WaPo on Cheney Part 2: Dick Wants Torture. Dick Gets Torture
Some Reaction to the Wapo Cheney Story
Bill “The Bloody” Kristol Defends Cheney’s Claims of Exemption from Law
WaPo Begins Series on Cheney
NY Times Editorial
“What we have found in the history of our country is that you can’t trust the executive&
Cheney’s Choice
Bush Now Exempts Himself and Cheney from Executive Order Everyone Else Must Obey
Saturday Cartoon
Torturing Logic
Why Reveal CIA’s Dirty Secrets Now?
Bush DoJ Nominee Withdraws, Avoids Answering Prosecutor Purge Questions
Affadavit Confirms Gitmo Kangaroo Court Procedure
Steve Soto Asks “Why Does Cheney Still Have Access To Secrets?”
Wyoming’s New Senator
Legislation Introduced to Restore Habeas
Quote of the Day
CIA Declassifying “Family Jewels” Assassination Plots, Human Experimentation, Illegal Wi
Ashcroft Behind Closed Doors: His Story Contradicts Gonzales’ Testimony Under Oath
Closing Gitmo
Paul McNulty Testifies Further on Prosecutor Purges
Subpoenas for Legal Opinion and Advice Documents on NSA Warrantless Spying
Henry Ain’t Buying Cheney’s Claim to Being a Fourth Branch of Government
DC Circuit Judges Decree Kangaroo Court for Gitmo Detainees
Schlozman Under Investigation
House Judiciary Committee Extends Invitation to DoJ Whistleblowers, Promises Confidentiality
House Committee Hearing: “War Profiteering and Other Contractor Crimes Committed Overseas&#822
Digby Speaks
Giuliani Campaign Chairman Indicted for Dealing Cocaine
Bloomberg Quits GOP
White House Budget Director Bails
Antonin Scalia Studies Law at the Jack Bauer School of Torture Justification
Pathologically Dishonest or Terminally Stupid?
Senate Democrats Urge DoJ to Investigate 2004 Florida Vote Suppression
GAO Report Shows Bush Administration Ignores Laws It Doesn’t Like
“Extensive Destruction of the E-mails of White House Officials by the RNC”
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