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In These Times is growing: We’re excited to announce that labor organizer and activist Alex Han has joined us as the new Executive Director.

Olbermann to Moderate AFL-CIO Presidential Candidates Forum
Anonymous CIA Pros Helped Expose Bush/Rumsfeld Torture and Rendition Policies
Blog Comment Mercenaries
Bush Said to Be Setting Up Petraeus as Scapegoat for Policy Failures
Bush Clemency of Libby Cited by Attorney Asking Supreme Court to Rehear Parallel Case
District of Columbia Takes Gun Law Case to Supreme Court
Reid: Republicans “are protecting the President rather than protecting our troops”
Tillman Fratricide Hearings: What Did Rumsfeld and DoD Know, and When Did They Know It?
Forty Four Attorneys General Petition Congress to Investigate Prosecution of Don Siegelman
Democrats Sit on Report Which Reveals Intel Committee Links to Duke Cunningham Crimes
The Spirit of George Bush’s America
Discussing Impeachment
Saturday Cartoon
Iraqi Prime Minister Al-Maliki Says Troops Can Leave “Any Time They Want”
NY Times: Hold Miers In Contempt, and Sarah Taylor Too
White House Stonewalling Inquiry Into Circumstances of Pat Tillman’s Death
Teleconferencing with Commanders in Iraq Makes Dick Sleepy
House Judiciary Committee Subpoenas RNC, Conyers Tells Miers She’d Best Change her Mind
Warner and Lugar Propose New War Authorization Requiring Bush to Explain Why U.S. Is In Iraq
Murtha: Bush Is “Delusional”
Judge Reggie Directs Snark at Bush’s False Characterization of Libby Sentence as “Excess
Larry Flynt Taking Aim at 20 Targets
Supreme Court Future
Miers Contempt Process Begins
Waxman Investigating Partisan Political Interference with Office of the Surgeon General
Bush Commits Felony by Instructing Miers Not to Honor Subpoena
Miers Stiffs Committee, Conyers Says Failure to Respond to Subpoena Could Trigger Contempt Process
Judiciary Hearings on Presidential Clemency Power
Republicans Block Support for the Troops
Sara Taylor at the Senate Judiciary Committee Hearings
Even WaPo Editorial Slams Gonzales
NY Times Editorial: Hold Taylor and Miers In Contempt If They Cite Executive Privilege
Leahy on Libby: “His Silence Has Been Bought and Paid For”
Senate Panel Cuts Funds for VP Office Until Cheney Complies with Disclosure Rules
Conyers and Sanchez Confirm Miers Will Show for Thursday Hearings
Former Bush Surgeon General Speaks Out
Another Day, Another Lie by Alberto Gonzales
GOP Family Values
Michael Moore vs Wolf Blitzer
The Wise Move
House Judiciary Committee Hearings on Crony Commutations
Understanding Impeachment
Michael’s Moore’s “Sicko” Gets a Movie Review from Insurance Company Exec
Cheney’s Iran/Contra Legacy: Breaking the Law to Achieve Political Goals Is Presidential Prero
White House Fearful of Republicans Abandoning Bush Iraq Policy, Talking Troop Withdrawal
Documents Reveal Voter Suppression Discussions In Florida 2004
Dick Nixon: Fred Thompson Is “Dumb As Hell”
Will Fitz Testify to Senate Judiciary Committee?
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