James Kil­go­re is a for­mer­ly incar­cer­at­ed activist and researcher based in Urbana, Illi­nois. He is the author of five books, includ­ing Under­stand­ing Mass Incar­cer­a­tion: A People’s Guide to the Key Civ­il Rights Strug­gle of Our Time. He is cur­rent­ly a Soros Jus­tice Fel­low whose work involves build­ing a cam­paign, Chal­leng­ing E‑Carceration, which is focused on the issue of elec­tron­ic mon­i­tor­ing. He can be reached at waazn1@​gmail.​com or @waazn1. He would like to thank Ter­ri Barnes and Emmett Sanders for their work on this article.
Electronic Monitors: How Companies Dream of Locking Us in Our Homes
These are the corporations profiting from e-carceration.
Shackles Aren’t “Bracelets”: Why We Should Be Concerned About the Marketing of Punitive Technology
Electronic monitors are devices of unfreedom—not decoration.
Nationwide Prison Strike Against “Slavery in America” Rolls On—Despite Media Blackout