Jim Pugh is the co-director of the Universal Income Project.
During the Pandemic, Poor Areas Have Had Twice the Death Rates of Rich Ones
A new report shows the U.S. response to the Covid pandemic has been defined by inequity—and poor and low-income communities are bearing the fatal cost.
How Targeting Programs to Poor People Leaves Out Poor People
Some centrist Democrats are pushing to make the expanded Child Tax Credit means-tested. In practice, that often means restricting benefits for the very people who need it most.
Don't Just Send People Money During a Pandemic—Do It All the Time
The evidence is in: Sending out direct cash payments has been a full-blown success—and we can’t afford to stop.
$2,000 Checks Now—And Make Them Monthly
The Democrats’ victory in Georgia was a vote for cash assistance. Prioritizing direct monthly payments isn’t just good policy—it’s good politics.
Give Every Child a $1,000 Trust Account and the Next Crisis Won’t Be So Bad
To weather the economic wreckage of the Covid-19 crisis—and prepare for future disasters—we should enact a Just Futures Fund.
The Right Way to Give Everyone Cash in the Midst of the Coronavirus Crisis
For a cash payout plan to work it must be universal, long-lasting and supplemented with other social programs.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Push for a Green New Deal Is Not Just Good Policy—It’s Political Genius
By taking the demand straight to the halls of power, Ocasio-Cortez is building support for a policy that could stave off climate change and transform the economy.
The Case for Giving Every American a Share of a Public Wealth Fund
The Food Stamp Work Requirement Is a Scheme to Punish Hungry Americans