Jim Pugh is the co-director of the Universal Income Project.
To Win in the Midterms, Democrats Should Go All In on Reviving the Child Tax Credit
The expanded Child Tax Credit was the most impactful anti-poverty program in a generation. Democrats should campaign on bringing it back.
Forcing People to Work So They Can Get a Child Tax Credit Is a Terrible Idea
Work requirements don’t actually increase employment or reduce poverty. But Republicans and conservative Democrats are pushing them anyway.
During the Pandemic, Poor Areas Have Had Twice the Death Rates of Rich Ones
A new report shows the U.S. response to the Covid pandemic has been defined by inequity—and poor and low-income communities are bearing the fatal cost.
How Targeting Programs to Poor People Leaves Out Poor People
Some centrist Democrats are pushing to make the expanded Child Tax Credit means-tested. In practice, that often means restricting benefits for the very people who need it most.
Don't Just Send People Money During a Pandemic—Do It All the Time
The evidence is in: Sending out direct cash payments has been a full-blown success—and we can’t afford to stop.
$2,000 Checks Now—And Make Them Monthly
The Democrats’ victory in Georgia was a vote for cash assistance. Prioritizing direct monthly payments isn’t just good policy—it’s good politics.
Give Every Child a $1,000 Trust Account and the Next Crisis Won’t Be So Bad
To weather the economic wreckage of the Covid-19 crisis—and prepare for future disasters—we should enact a Just Futures Fund.
The Right Way to Give Everyone Cash in the Midst of the Coronavirus Crisis
For a cash payout plan to work it must be universal, long-lasting and supplemented with other social programs.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Push for a Green New Deal Is Not Just Good Policy—It’s Political Genius
By taking the demand straight to the halls of power, Ocasio-Cortez is building support for a policy that could stave off climate change and transform the economy.
The Case for Giving Every American a Share of a Public Wealth Fund
The Food Stamp Work Requirement Is a Scheme to Punish Hungry Americans