Maurizio Guerrero is a journalist based in New York City. He covers migration, social justice movements and Latin America.

The App ICE Forces You To Download
Under Biden, monitoring of immigrants by cell phone has jumped 808%.
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“Queremos Vivir”: The Workers Who Wouldn’t Die for the Pentagon
Maquiladora workers in the border city of Mexicali strike against working conditions.
He Exposed Colombia’s Vaccine Contracts with Big Pharma. Then the Right Came for Him.
What the case of Camilo Enciso reveals about the power of pharmaceutical companies.
A Landmark Win for Domestic Workers Lurks in the Reconciliation Bill
$190 billion for home care has been folded into reconciliation—toward measures aimed at improving pay and job security for domestic workers.
The Climate Crisis Is Coming for Undocumented Farmworkers First
Facing deadly heat waves and few protections, undocumented agricultural workers are being pushed to their limit.
Big Pharma Is Deciding Who Lives and Who Dies in the Global South
The chilling effect of the pharmaceutical industry's veiled threats.
Biden's Invisible Border Wall
The Biden administration is expanding surveillance along the Southern border, pushing migrants into harm’s way.
How Police "Gang Databases" Are Being Used to Wage War on Immigrants
Wearing a certain colored hat or sporting the wrong tattoo can be enough to get somebody in the system—and eventually deported.
Migrant Detainees Find Little Relief Under Biden
Despite a change in rhetoric, deportations of migrants continue under President Biden.
Immigration Activists Prepare to Fight a "Timid" Biden After He Walks Back Key Promise
Waiting for a bill won't cut it, activists say—Biden could halt the cruel detention and deportation machine tomorrow.
This Democrat Is Vying for a Powerful Foreign Affairs Role. His Ties To Right-Wing Groups in Colombia Could Haunt Him.
Rep. Gregory Meeks worked with Colombian politicians tied to right-wing paramilitaries to help push for a corporate-friendly "free trade" deal.
DHS Is Using Immigration Crackdown to Suppress the Latino Vote, Critics Say
From expediting deportations to placing “wanted” billboard ads across Pennsylvania, rights advocates warn DHS is intimidating voters.
Progressive Groups Are Preparing to Thwart a Possible Trump-Led Coup. Here's How.
Sometimes democracy needs to be defended in the streets. These grassroots organizations are getting ready.
How Trump Is Privatizing the U.S. Immigration System
The administration is allowing industries to directly control guest worker programs.
Covid-19 Hunger Strikes Sweep Migrant Detention Centers
Jailed migrants are fighting a battle for their lives.
A Direct Legacy of Slavery, Domestic Worker Exploitation Is On the Rise In the U.S.
The pandemic has left already vulnerable workers even more exposed to abuses on the job.
The Return of the Construction Industry Has Brought a Surge of Immigrant Worker Deaths
The rush to keep building through the pandemic has compounded the risks for construction workers.
Foreign Farm Workers Already Face Abusive Conditions. Now Trump Wants to Cut Their Wages.
The Grassroots Efforts to Save the Lives of Immigrants Who Can’t Get Covid-19 Testing From the State
Local groups are stepping in to fill a lethal void.
A Mexican Labor Lawyer Denounced U.S. Pressure to Reopen Maquiladoras. Then She Was Jailed.
Thousands of Essential Workers Are at Risk of Deportation