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In These Times is growing: We’re excited to announce that labor organizer and activist Alex Han has joined us as the new Executive Director.

Sarah Lazare is the editor of Workday Magazine and a contributing editor for In These Times. She tweets at @sarahlazare.

She Refused To Take a Drug Test Before Getting a Workplace Injury Treated—And Was Fired
A worker's arm was mangled in a machine. Before treatment, a manager requested a drug test.
To Prevent Future Rail Tragedies, We Need to Nationalize the Rail System
“Corporate greed [is] turning railroads into banks to extract billions and billions of dollars from what should be critical infrastructure.”
Military Budget Hike for 2023 is 3,200 Times the NLRB Increase
If a budget reveals what we value, this one should give us pause: extravagant spending for the war machine, scraps for workers.
As Afghans Suffer, U.S. Stalls on Plan to Return Central Bank Funds
In September, the U.S. created a foundation that was supposed to unfreeze Afghanistan's foreign assets. Yet, interviews with trustees reveal that, in three months, no funds have been disbursed—or concrete plans made—to help the Afghan people.
The “Labor Shortage” Is Being Used as a Pretext to Harm Workers
Lawmakers and bosses are citing a supposed lack of workers as justification for a suite of reactionary policies aimed at further squeezing the working class.
They Waged the Largest Private-Sector Nurses’ Strike in U.S. History. They’re Still Waiting for Justice.
Minnesota nurses made national headlines by going on strike this fall, but as contract negotiations stall, they’re fighting for a voice on the job.
Joe Manchin Says He’s Pro-Job Creation, But He’s Lobbying the Fed to Increase Unemployment
Sen. Manchin has justified fossil fuel extraction because it “creates jobs.” He's also pushing a policy that would cut them.
The Fresh Hell of Depending on Your Employer for Abortion Access
Some companies say they will cover abortion travel. Here's what's wrong with relying on their benevolence.
The Spectacular Failure of the WTO To Fight Covid
The global body has proven itself unwilling to stand up to the pharmaceutical industry. Here's what it means for the next crisis.
Big Tobacco Is Funding Opposition to Global Covid Vaccine Access
Tobacco companies are bankrolling a group that is working to defeat an intellectual property waiver. And the companies have a direct interest in doing so.
The Pentagon Is Protecting and Funding the Same Gun Makers Democrats Want to Regulate
Daniel Defense, the company that made the gun used by the Robb Elementary shooter, has been handed over 100 federal contracts.
At Global Covid-19 Summit, Biden's Silence on Pharmaceutical Monopolies Speaks Volumes
The White House appears to have no plans to break Big Pharma's stranglehold on intellectual property for Covid-19 vaccines and treatments.
One Year Ago, Biden Promised to Support Generic Vaccines for the World. That’s Amounted to Nothing.
A conversation with South African public health activist Tian Johnson about outrageous global inequalities in access to Covid vaccines, tests and treatments.
The U.S. Spent 7.5 Times More on Nuclear Weapons Than Global Vaccine Donations
Since the pandemic started, the United States has prioritized funding for nuclear arms and the military over global vaccines.
The LGBTQ Rights Group That Helped Launder Amazon’s Image
Human Rights Campaign gave Amazon a perfect score on workplace equality—while Amazon was donating to the organization.
The Weapons Industry Sees the War in Ukraine as a Goldmine
Arms companies are exploiting Russia's invasion to push a military spending frenzy.
How Workers Used Amazon's Captive Audience Meetings Against the Company
Workers flipped the script on the e-commerce giant by turning anti-union tactics into organizing opportunities.
Biden Is Using the Ukraine Crisis to Justify Dangerous Investments in Nuclear Weapons
The president's budget calls for $50.9 billion in nuclear weapons spending.
New "Compromise" on IP Waiver for Covid Vaccines Is Worse Than No Deal, Activists Say
A tentative agreement between India, South Africa, the United States and the European Union only waives intellectual property for Covid vaccines (not tests or treatments).
Democrats Quietly Cut $5 Billion in Global Covid Aid—With Biden Already Behind on Vaccine Donations
The Biden administration would actually have to increase its donations 50% to meet its pledges.
The Existential Danger of Using the Ukraine Invasion to Ramp Up Fossil Fuel Production
Just as scientists warn we must drastically shift away from fossil fuel extraction, the Biden administration is pressing for more oil production.
Broad Economic Sanctions on Russia Could Follow Familiar Playbook of Punishing the Poor
The impulse to punish Putin for his unconscionable invasion of Ukraine is understandable, but wrecking entire economies comes at a high human cost.
In Closed-Door Talks, the U.S. and E.U. Are Excluding Covid-19 Tests, Antivirals From Intellectual Property Waiver Negotiations
The exclusion bucks the demands of global activists, who say diagnostics and therapeutics must be included in any final deal.
What Moderna Reveals About the Cruel Absurdity of "Innovation" Under Pharmaceutical Monopolies
South African scientists spent 8 months reinventing the wheel while Moderna withheld patent information.
Top Weapons Companies Boast Ukraine-Russia Tensions Are a Boon for Business
In calls with investors, Raytheon and Lockheed Martin boasted that the worsening conflict is helping profits.
The Hypocrisy of Biden's New "Blame the Unvaccinated" Strategy
As long as we're blaming individuals, we are not talking about how the Biden administration's policies are failing the world.
120 Manufacturers in the Global South Could Be Producing mRNA Vaccines If Big Pharma Would Only Show Them How
A new report finds that pharmaceutical monopolies are preventing the production of significant quantities of vaccines in Africa, Asia and Latin America.
The Weapons Industry Is Jubilant About Biden's Nominee for Pentagon Arms Buyer
Bill LaPlante's nomination is just the latest spin through the revolving door between the Pentagon and the military industry.
Documents Reveal Biden Admin Not Fighting for a Covid Vaccine Patent Waiver, Despite Public Statements
Amid mounting concern about the Omicron variant, Biden declared U.S. support for a Covid-19 vaccine patent waiver. But new documents from Geneva tell a different story.
Biden Is Wrong. There Is No Such Thing As “Defensive” Saudi Weapons in the War on Yemen.
Biden wants to put a friendlier face on U.S. support for the war. We shouldn't let him.
Think Tank Funded by the Weapons Industry Pressures Biden Not To Regulate Military Contractors’ Emissions
The Heritage Foundation has received considerable donations from the arms industry. And now it's trying to shield that industry from climate regulations targeting military contractors.
Big Pharma’s Big Lie About Vaccine Patents
Companies say that sharing vaccine recipes wouldn't boost manufacturing soon enough, but now we know that's not true.
Sorry, Biden: There Is No “National Security” Solution to the Climate Crisis
The Biden administration is turning to agencies like the Pentagon and the Department of Homeland Security to shore up climate action.
He Exposed Colombia’s Vaccine Contracts with Big Pharma. Then the Right Came for Him.
What the case of Camilo Enciso reveals about the power of pharmaceutical companies.
Report Reveals the IMF's Hidden Fees, and How Desperate Countries Pay the Most
Little-known "surcharges" are adding to cash-strapped countries' mountains of IMF debt.
A Landmark Win for Domestic Workers Lurks in the Reconciliation Bill
$190 billion for home care has been folded into reconciliation—toward measures aimed at improving pay and job security for domestic workers.
U.S. Says It Supports a Covid Vaccine Patent Waiver, But Document Reveals It Is Dragging Feet at WTO
Global health advocates say a patent waiver would ease access to Covid vaccines, but the U.S. declined to support as-is a proposal to greenlight the waiver, a summary of a September 14 WTO meeting shows.
Imagine If We Had Spent the Last 20 Years Fighting Climate Change Instead of the War on Terror
At the dawn of the new millennium, we directed our national resources in the exact wrong direction. But it's not too late to turn things around.
Afghan Activist: We All Deserve Refuge, Not Just Those Who Served the U.S.
"This was a stupid occupation and invasion where nobody received anything," says Afghan activist Nematullah Ahangosh.
Military Contractor CACI Says Afghanistan Withdrawal Is Hurting Its Profits. It's Funding a Pro-War Think Tank.
What CACI reveals about the feedback loop between military contractors and think tanks.
We Can’t Let the Generals Who Lied About the Afghanistan War Define Its Legacy
The U.S. architects of the ruinous war are getting the last word on its “lessons.”
This Obscure Financial Tool Could Help Global South Countries That Are Drowning in the Pandemic
Here's why some of the IMF's biggest critics are calling on it to issue "special drawing rights."
Democratic Leaders Are Finger-Wagging Over the IPCC Report. They Should Look To Themselves.
If Democrats really heeded the warning of the IPCC report, they'd end the fossil fuel industry.
Congress Tried To Force Trump to End the Yemen War. Now They’ll Have To Do the Same With Biden.
Activists say it's not enough to trust Biden's promises to end U.S. support for the war: Congress must compel him.
Big Pharma Is Deciding Who Lives and Who Dies in the Global South
The chilling effect of the pharmaceutical industry's veiled threats.
U.S. Media Outlets Are Still Banging the Drums for the Afghanistan War
Major press outlets are trying to goad Biden into staying in Afghanistan.
Biden Says He’s Ending the Yemen War—But It's Too Soon to Celebrate
The details of Biden’s Yemen war announcement are what matter. Those are still not clear.
The “Essential Worker” Swindle
How this label is used to justify a social order in which workers are abused, discarded and left to die.
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