Meet Alex Han

In These Times is growing: We’re excited to announce that labor organizer and activist Alex Han has joined us as the new Executive Director.

Thomas M. Hanna is Director of Research at The Democracy Collaborative.
The Supreme Court Is Gutting the Regulatory State. Let's Look at Our Other Options.
It's time to talk about public ownership.
The Power Is Still Out in New Orleans After Hurricane Ida. We Need Public Control of Our Energy Systems.
The damage from Hurricane Ida is the latest reminder that the climate change era requires public ownership of infrastructure.
Biden’s Infrastructure Plans Are a Good Start—But We Must Ensure Democratic Control
President Biden has laid out an ambitious agenda for rebuilding the nation’s infrastructure. To succeed, the projects should be put under public ownership.
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How to Transform Research and Innovation for the Common Good
The climate and Covid-19 crises make it abundantly clear we need to change our society's approach to research and intellectual property.
Baltimore Joins Global Movement, Becoming the First Major U.S. City to Ban Water Privatization
The global movement to stop privatization deals and expand public ownership just scored a huge victory in Baltimore, as residents voted overwhelmingly to ban putting their water in private hands.
To Stop the Next Financial Crisis, We Need Public Ownership of Banks—Now
A Better Way To Fund Infrastructure
Trump's investor-friendly plan and other conventional approaches are likely to fail—it's time to try something new.