Documents Reveal Biden Admin Not Fighting for a Covid Vaccine Patent Waiver, Despite Public Statements
Amid mounting concern about the Omicron variant, Biden declared U.S. support for a Covid-19 vaccine patent waiver. But new documents from Geneva tell a different story.
Sarah Lazare
These Tortilla Workers Walked Out and Won a Day Off Work
Gathered outside Chicago's flagship El Milagro taqueria, workers remembered those who died from Covid-19—and celebrated a victory that granted them Sundays off.
Jeff Schuhrke
The Time For a Four-Day Work Week Has Arrived
To expand personal freedom, recover from the Covid pandemic and curb the climate crisis—let's embrace a shorter working week.
Anna Coote
Right to Counsel Could Stave Off Worst of Eviction Crisis
In the midst of a nationwide eviction crisis, Wisconsin cities are establishing legal right to counsel for tenants.
Peter Gorski
Expectant Parents Travel Hours for Wisconsin Midwives While in Labor
Covid-19 Exacerbates the Illinois Midwife Shortage
Emma McAleavy
Public Money is Pouring Into Broadband Expansion. Will It Go Where It’s Needed Most?
Rural communities in Wisconsin scramble to use tidal wave of public funding.
Peter Cameron
No, the Strike Wave Is Not About Vaccine Mandates
The recent spate of militant labor action has been over workers demanding better pay and working conditions—not opposing Covid vaccine requirements.
Jeff Schuhrke
How Workers at Beverage Giant Refresco Defeated a “Notorious” Union Buster
Refresco has waged a prolonged and costly fight to stop the workers from unionizing.
Alice Herman
Postal Banking Is Finally a Reality in (Some of) the United States
A pilot postal banking program has been implemented in a number of U.S. cities. Next, let’s rapidly expand it—and take it nationwide.
Donald Cohen
30 Years After the ADA, We're Still Fighting for Disability Justice
Without inclusion, none of us will be free.
A.A. Vincent
For Many, the Pandemic Was a Wakeup Call About Exploitative Work
The unemployment expansion showed us what work could be like if it was freely chosen.
Marie Solis
The War on Terror Gave Us Donald Trump
In an interview, Reign of Terror author Spencer Ackerman explains how the brutal legacy of America’s post-9/11 wars has reshaped U.S. society and led to our era of authoritarian demagoguery.
Micah Uetricht
Pedagogy of the Apocalypse
In a year filled with trauma, a university professor learns how to support her students.
Tatiana McInnis
Growing food sovereignty on the shores of Lake Superior
On a small Wisconsin island, members of the Bad River Band of Lake Superior Chippewa and volunteers provide fresh food and restore ancestral connection through gardening.
Kip Dooley
Child in wheelchair
School's Open. But What About the Year That I, And Other Disabled Students, Lost?
A 10-year-old reflects on remote learning challenges as we head into a new academic year.
Freyja Christian and Aimee Christian
Billionaires Need to Get on Board With More Taxes or Expect the Pitchforks
The super-rich have made a killing off of the pandemic. It’s time to tax the hell out of them to pay for programs that serve the working class.
Miles Kampf-Lassin
Education Shouldn't Be A Debt Sentence
My debt is symptomatic of capitalism. It should be canceled.
Nick Marcil
Donald Trump Is Personally Responsible for Hundreds of Thousands of COVID Deaths
An honest look at what a single lunatic has caused.
Hamilton Nolan
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