The “Essential Worker” Swindle
How this label is used to justify a social order in which workers are abused, discarded and left to die.
Sarah Lazare
Biden, Don't Worry About "Overheating" the Economy
Common metrics that deficit hawks often point to as evidence of economic overheating are not convincing.
Josh Bivens
$2,000 Checks Now—And Make Them Monthly
The Democrats’ victory in Georgia was a vote for cash assistance. Prioritizing direct monthly payments isn’t just good policy—it’s good politics.
Sean Kline and Jim Pugh
We Should Cause Trouble, Not Make Nice With Biden
History suggests that it’s not making friends, but making the administration’s life difficult, that gets results for the Left.
Branko Marcetic
Biden Must Reject Trump’s “Vaccine Apartheid” Policy at the WTO
The president-elect pledged to combat racism. But he’s been mum about an urgent racial injustice taking place on a global scale.
Sarah Lazare
Chicago Teachers Are Considering a Strike Amid Pandemic Surge
With Covid cases rising, the Chicago Teachers Union and its allies are resisting Mayor Lightfoot's plan to force educators back into the classroom—and could walk off the job.
Jeff Schuhrke
Workers Resist Pandemic-Era Disaster Capitalism in Ecuador
The Ecuador government took advantage of the pandemic to slash workers’ rights.
Kimberley Brown
$600 Isn't Nearly Enough—We Need Real Relief
The bipartisan stimulus bill fails to meet the needs of working people. Congress must pass a package that makes us whole.
Maurice BP-Weeks and Lauren Jacobs
The Case Against Industrial Animal Agriculture in 10 Statistics
The pandemic has slowed the growth of meat consumption around the world. Scientists argue we need to keep that trend going.
Dayton Martindale
2020 Exposed the Myth of American “Security”
The “security state” not only failed to keep us safe, but worsened the coronavirus pandemic and unleashed violence on the people hardest hit.
Sarah Lazare
The Numbers Show Covid Is a Mental Health Crisis
The U.S. mental health system was already in tatters. Then came the pandemic.
Hannah Faris
Biden Needs to Spend Big—And Fast. Here Are 4 Immediate Priorities.
Forget about the debt. Boosting the economy and sending people money isn't just good policy, it's smart politics.
Max B. Sawicky
Pfizer Helped Create the Global Patent Rules. Now it's Using Them to Undercut Access to the Covid Vaccine.
The pharmaceutical company is opposing a proposal at the World Trade Organization to expand vaccine access to poor countries.
Sarah Lazare
Activists Demand Rich Countries Suspend Patent Laws and Share Vaccines Freely
As rich countries hoard vaccine stocks, activists are calling for a just global distribution.
Hadas Thier
Americans Are Drowning in Debt. Let’s Forgive All of It.
In the age of Covid-19, it’s time to end our debt epidemic once and for all.
Scott Remer
Congress Is Deadlocked on Covid Relief But Came Together to Fund the Pentagon for $740 Billion
There is always money for war.
Sarah Lazare
Shemoi Edwards
Immigrants Detained by ICE Say They Were Thrown in Solitary for Requesting Covid-19 Tests
During an outbreak at Etowah County Detention Center, immigrants say solitary confinement was also used as medical isolation, against ICE guidelines.
Clarissa Donnelly-DeRoven
Treating the Traumas of Capitalism: Inside the Life of a Social Worker
A conversation with Michele Manco, a clinical social worker in the Bronx.
Maximillian Alvarez
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