The Heat Wave Shows Climate Change Is a Workers' Rights Issue
The workers laboring outside in this extraordinary heat are on the front lines of the climate crisis.
Mindy Isser
AFL-CIO Reprimands Vermont Leader For General Strike Resolution, Saying It Could Have Given Trump "A Reason to Invoke Martial Law"
Read the full letter from AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka to the rebellious Vermont State Labor Council.
Hamilton Nolan
Shrugging Off Anti-Union Campaign, New York Times Tech Workers See a Chance to Make History
Times workers plan to ride the media union wave right onto a bigger wave of tech organizing.
Hamilton Nolan
For Farmworkers, the Fight for the 8-Hour Day Isn’t Over
Federal labor laws exclude farmworkers from overtime pay and other protections. After years of advocacy by farm labor groups, lawmakers in Oregon, Washington and Colorado are working to change that.
Alex Brown
No Evil But Plenty of Union Busting at Vegan Food Company
Two former workers at No Evil Foods in Asheville, North Carolina, sound off on the company's recent layoffs.
Maximillian Alvarez
Chicago Nurses Are Going on Strike—And Management Is Bringing in Scabs Through a Text Blast
Nurses and support staff in the Chicago area are joining other militant healthcare workers across the country by walking off the job, despite attempts by their bosses to hire strikebreakers.
Jeff Schuhrke
One Way to Boost Workers and the Labor Movement? Give Unions Power Over Unemployment Insurance.
A reform from Belgium in the early 1900s would both increase unemployment insurance benefits and decrease the cost of labor organizing. It’s time for the U.S. to embrace it.
Francisco Diez
A Charter School Named For the Author of "Pedagogy of the Oppressed" Is Union Busting
At Paulo Freire Social Justice Charter School in Massachusetts, teachers say a hostile administration is trying to crush their union.
Hamilton Nolan
Robert Reich: Blame Chipotle, Not Workers, for the Price of Your Burrito
Republicans claim stimulus payments have forced employers to overcompensate for a labor shortage. But the only shortage is of jobs that pay a living wage.
Robert Reich
The Roots of Today's White Collar Union Wave Are Deeper Than You Think
At UAW Local 2110, Maida Rosenstein has quietly organized the most prestigious group of cultural institutions on the East Coast.
Hamilton Nolan
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