Meet Alex Han

In These Times is growing: We’re excited to announce that labor organizer and activist Alex Han has joined us as the new Executive Director.


U.S. Rail Workers Are Poised to Begin a National Strike Next Week
After rejecting an agreement brokered by the White House, railroad workers could walk off the job ahead of the busy holiday season.
Jeff Schuhrke
This World Cup Is Brought to You By Abused Migrant Workers
Reports of widespread labor exploitation and safety hazards cast a dark shadow over the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.
Saurav Sarkar
The “Labor Shortage” Is Being Used as a Pretext to Harm Workers
Lawmakers and bosses are citing a supposed lack of workers as justification for a suite of reactionary policies aimed at further squeezing the working class.
Sarah Lazare
“Come To The Table, Cowards”: Starbucks Workers’ First National Strike
We spoke to strikers in Boston, New York, Chicago, and Pittsburgh about their fight to bring the multi-billion dollar company to the bargaining table.
Meggie Gates, Eloise Goldsmith and Rohan Montgomery
How the Pandemic Changed the Landscape of U.S. Labor Organizing
By banding together to demand justice on the job, essential workers paved the way for a resurgence of labor unrest—and showed how to create a crisis for capitalism.
Jamie K. McCallum
How to Fix the Pathetic Florida Democratic Party
To reverse their dismal midterm election performance, Florida Democrats need to embrace working people, the environment and Unite Here.
Hamilton Nolan
The Good Years May Be Over, and Labor Didn't Get Much
The meager returns of Democratic control of the government remind us that true power comes from organizing workers.
Hamilton Nolan
Unionizing Is Now a Constitutional Right in Illinois. Here’s How It Happened.
In Tuesday's midterm elections, a majority of Illinois voters backed the Workers Rights Amendment which will enshrine the ability to organize. A coalition of unions, along with socialists, helped propel the campaign.
Jeff Schuhrke
In Key Swing States, Union Members Are Democrats’ Last Line of Defense
In 2020, UNITE HERE workers led the charge in canvassing voters and played a key role in Democrats’ electoral victories. This year, they’re taking the lead once again.
Maximillian Alvarez
They Waged the Largest Private-Sector Nurses’ Strike in U.S. History. They’re Still Waiting for Justice.
Minnesota nurses made national headlines by going on strike this fall, but as contract negotiations stall, they’re fighting for a voice on the job.
Sarah Lazare
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