Audubon Society Refuses to Recognize Its Staff Union, But Employees Say Victory Is Near
After more than a year of organizing and turmoil at the top, the bird-focused nonprofit's workers are confident they will win.
Hamilton Nolan
“The Amazon Workers in Bessemer Would Already Have Their Union If We Had the PRO Act”
What the union loss at an Amazon warehouse in Alabama means for the future of organizing in the Biden era.
Kim Kelly and Shaun Richman
How the U.S. Military Reinforces Our Brutal Class System—And Vice Versa
Why does our economy ensure a constant stream of recruits? And why are the armed services so attractive to the marginalized? Vets answer these questions and more.
Maximillian Alvarez
Early Draft of AFL-CIO's Report on Police Reform Shows a Commitment to Defending Police Unions
The long-awaited draft report is an explicit rejection of calls for the labor movement to separate itself from police.
Hamilton Nolan
U.S. Labor Shortage? No, We Have a Crisis of Low Wages.
Don't easily believe claims that there's a lack of people to fill jobs. What's really going on is that employers aren't offering workers a living wage.
Heidi Shierholz
Get Rid of No-Strike Clauses and Stop Begging
The right to strike is the only thing that gives working people power. Let's stop bargaining it away.
Hamilton Nolan
This Old Steel Mill Town is Now a Hub for Green Energy
Sick of poison runoff and toxic beaches, a former steel town near Baltimore fights for clean jobs.
Dharna Noor
How Chicago Teachers Won a Safer Reopening
The Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) has reached the end of a bitter struggle with Mayor Lori Lightfoot over reopening during the pandemic.
Catherine Henderson
Myanmar Workers Face Down a Military Dictatorship
Members of the Federation of General Workers Myanmar share their stories of resistance following the coup d'etat of February 1.
Maximillian Alvarez
The Union-Busting Consultant Spreading Far-Right Conspiracy Theories
Kulture Media, an affiliate of Kulture Consulting, has shared QAnon memes, false claims of election fraud and other hateful content.
John See
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