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An Alabama Amazon Worker's Case for Unionization
Jennifer Bates, an employee of the Bessemer fulfillment center, explains why the forthcoming vote is so monumental.
Maximillian Alvarez
Can a Federal Job Guarantee Unite the Left?
Rep. Ayanna Pressley's proposal aims to achieve racial, economic and environmental justice all at once.
Hamilton Nolan
The Young Socialists' School-to-Union Pipeline
Members of the Democratic Socialists of America are embracing the "rank and file strategy."
Indigo Olivier
God's Work: Labor in the Church
Rev. Lindsey Joyce of the Institute for Christian Socialism reflects on what it means to serve her community.
Maximillian Alvarez
Texas and Florida, Defying CDC Guidance, Aren't Prioritizing Vaccination of Farmworkers
During the pandemic, farmworkers who keep food on grocery store shelves have had to choose between risking their lives and keeping their jobs.
Frank Hernandez
Democrats Can't Afford to Dilute Their $15 Minimum Wage Proposal
The wage increase in the Covid relief bill also applies to tipped workers and others making a subminimum wage. Democrats should fight tooth and nail to make it law.
s.e. smith
The Gig Economy Is a Vampire That We Shouldn't Make Peace With
If organized labor doesn't hold the line on the principle that workers are employees, we'll all live to regret it.
Hamilton Nolan
The Hidden Labor of Sex Work
In the second part of a two-part interview, sex worker, activist and DACA recipient Maya Morena reflects on the unique challenges of her industry.
Maximillian Alvarez
This Week In Working: Amazon's Union Vote
The Working In These Times newsletter for the week of February 12
Hamilton Nolan
After Threatening Strike, Chicago Teachers Set “New Standard” With Safer School Reopening Plan
Hard-fought negotiations and a strike threat led to Chicago teachers reaching the “most comprehensive agreement for reopening schools” in the country, potentially setting a model for other districts nationwide.
Jeff Schuhrke
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