The Unions and Workers Supporting Cop City Protestors
“Cops are the first line of defense for business owners and employers, so I think it makes sense for labor to be opposed to Cop City.”
Sarah Lazare
Headshot of Jane McAlevey, union, environmental and community organizer, scholar, author, political commentator. To the left of headshot is the cover of her new book.
Winning Is Only the Start: Jane McAlevey on Building Worker Power
Veteran organizer Jane McAlevey on the long-game of building union power through contract negotiations.
Paige Oamek
Biden Is Turning Out to Be More Like Obama Than FDR
After passing stimulus programs and promising a Roosevelt-like administration, President Biden and national Democrats are back to embracing austerity. We deserve better.
Scott Remer
On CORE’s 15th Anniversary, Reflecting on the Teachers Caucus That Changed Chicago—and the Nation
The Caucus of Rank-and-File Educators was formed in 2008 when a group of educators and union members came together to transform the Chicago Teachers Union. What they would build would end up changing the city—and country—forever.
Jackson Potter
Republicans Are Now Trying to Defund the Libraries
Claiming to protect children, Republicans are going after libraries and librarians instead of the police, gun manufacturers, and actual child sexual abusers.
Sonali Kolhatkar
ViewpointRural America
How Land Swaps Turn Public Lands into Private Playgrounds
Land exchanges, a management tool used by the Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management, too often benefit rich landowners at the public’s expense.
Erica Rosenberg
Praxis Makes Perfect
How to stop treating politics like a spectator sport.
Dayton Martindale
From Illinois to Tennessee, Drag Performers are Resisting Anti-Trans Legislation
An explosion of bans on drag performance and gender-affirming care have surged nationwide. The community is fighting back.
Henry Hicks IV
The War Over No Strike Clauses Has a New Front Line
In Erie, PA, Wabtec workers are poised to fight for the right to strike.
Hamilton Nolan
UPS is Failing Women Workers. Can a Contract Change That?
Women at UPS face unique challenges on the job—and at their union halls.
Teddy Ostrow and Ruby Walsh
You Can’t Organize Alone
Political education used to happen in person. We should bring that practice back.
Keisa Reynolds
The College Board’s Profiteering Should Have No Place in Public Education
The College Board is selling our students' futures. It's just business as usual under racial capitalism.
Kinjo Kiema
A Billionaire Conserving Montana Is Funding the Group Bulldozing the Atlanta Forest
Home Depot co-founder Arthur Blank is helping fund the forces behind Cop City.
Joseph Bullington
Norfolk Southern Won't Clean Up Their Mess Unless We Make Them
“Even early on, I knew it would not be safe to go back home.”
Maximillian Alvarez
Succession Series Finale: Here Be No Monsters
On Succession and the mobility of capitalism.
Yasmin Nair
The Fight Continues Against Chicago’s Old Guard
Revisiting Harold Washington's initial challenges after Brandon Johnson's win.
In These Times Editors
The Peasants Are Seizing the Commons (Again)
Protesters stormed a U.K. national park, demanding the freedom to camp anywhere on public land.
Charlotte Elton
Even Breathing Is Strange: Reflections on the 3rd Anniversary of George Floyd’s Murder
A poem and essay on black motherhood—and life.
Cassie Williams
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