LaborViewpointElection 2024
Teamsters President Happily Walks Into Republican Trap
Teamsters President Sean O'Brien played into Republicans’ phony pro-worker rebrand that was on display at the Republican National Convention.
Alexandra Bradbury
LaborElection 2024
As Biden Bows out, Labor Begins to Coalesce Around Harris and Sets Sights on Defeating Trump
The path forward is clear,” said UAW President Shaw Fain, “we will defeat Donald Trump and his billionaire agenda and elect a champion for the working class to the highest office in this country.”
Luis Feliz Leon
LaborViewpointElection 2024
A Scab Running for President Calls for Firing UAW President Shawn Fain
“Don’t get played by this scab billionaire,” Fain, president of the United Auto Workers, said in response to Donald Trump. “Stand up and fight for more.”
Luis Feliz Leon
Election 2024
What Biden's "Rent Cap" Is, and Isn't
It’s an ideological win for the left that won’t actually cap rents–but opens the door to other, bolder federal action.
Rebecca Burns
Jane McAlevey addresses a crowd before a banner that reads in part "STAND TOGETHER."
Rules to Live By
Remembering labor’s fierce organizer, strategist and writer, Jane McAlevey.
Alex Press
Capital Has No Borders—Why Should We?
Precarious immigration status creates an exploitable labor force, allowing bosses to drive down wages for everyone. Inside the labor case for open borders:
Maurizio Guerrero
There’s No Good Reason To Be Spending Nearly $1 Trillion On Our Military Budget
Congress is spending on the military like it’s World War III. Diverting that money to jobs, healthcare, and the climate would make us far safer.
Lindsay Koshgarian
FeatureThe Socialism Issue
The Library Is a Commons
A socialist former president of the American Library Association on why defending libraries is fighting capitalism.
Emily Drabinski
ViewpointElection 2024
The Best Counter to Project 2025 Is a Progressive Project 2025
If President Biden—or any Democratic replacement—wants to get back in the race, they need a positive moral vision to run on, not just dire warnings.
Adam Johnson
Rural America
The “Clean Energy” Industry Ravaging Natural Forests to Feed Power Generators
Claiming to be a climate solution, biomass companies want to expand wood pellet factories and export terminals to the West Coast.
Nick Engelfried
A row of coal miners sit with lanterns on their helmets. The front one, in focus, looks worried.
Republicans Just Handed Down a Death Sentence to the Nation's Coal Miners
As black lung continues to kill coal miners, House Republicans moved to block enforcement of a life-saving safety rule.
Kim Kelly
ViewpointElection 2024
Onward, Christian Soldiers—To War!
At this year’s National Conservatism Conference, a right-wing army prepares to rise.
Hamilton Nolan
The World’s Richest Just Got Extraordinarily More Wealthy—Taxing Them Doesn’t Go Nearly Far Enough
Lessening inequality isn’t the only reason to tax the super rich. We also need to decrease their political power while spending on social programs that benefit the working class.
Max B. Sawicky
“Patients should not be treated like commodities”: Baltimore Nurses Are Fighting for a Transformative First Contract
Understaffing leaves nurses pulled in multiple directions and unable to offer optimal care. These nurses are fighting to change that.
Maximillian Alvarez
Flooding in Brazil Has Displaced More Than 600,000 People From Their Homes as States Slash Prevention Funding
“Underneath is this deep-seated trauma that will last for years and decades and sometimes lifetimes for people.”
Maximillian Alvarez
InvestigationGoodman Institute
The Death Squads Hunting Environmental Defenders
Around the world, government forces regularly attack environmental activists with impunity—and U.S. support.
Alessandra Bergamin
When transit riders refuse to just sit back
Though public transportation is a vital resource for many, governments don't always adequately invest in it. Transit rider unions can get us back on the right track.
J. Patrick Patterson
Congress Is Leaving More than 1 Million Nonprofit Workers Out of Retirement Benefits
When investing in Americans’ future, Congress should not exclude nonprofit workers.
Chitra Ayar
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