Fighting Anti-Abortion Extremists — And The Boss
Workers fighting to unionize and protect reproductive rights face the threat of retaliation.
Stephen Franklin
What the Progressive Wing of the Democratic Party Has Planned Next
Rather than taking a back seat, progressives are using their expanded ranks to flex their muscle in Congress—and transform the Democratic Party.
Larry Cohen
Stop Cowering Before This Half-Bright Florida Fascist
Ron DeSantis wants to break the unions and make a temporary advantage permanent.
Hamilton Nolan
Rural America
Roundup Caused Her Cancer, but Bayer Won’t Pay Settlement Because She’s an Undocumented Farmworker, Lawsuit Says
Elvira Reyes-Hernandez was diagnosed with cancer after working for years with the weed killer on Virginia tree farms.
Sky Chadde
The Union Membership Rate Has Dropped to a Historic Low. It Doesn't Have to Be This Way.
A new report offers a grim look at that the state of labor nationally, but that's not the whole picture.
C.M. Lewis
A Community Archive Documents Decades of Radical Activism Against Police Brutality
A look at Interference Archive's “Defend / Defund” exhibit.
Rohan Montgomery
After a Record Year for Police Violence, Is It Finally Time to Defund the Police?
As law enforcement budgets have continued to increase, so have the number of killings by police officers. To reverse this trend, funding could be reallocated to social programs, as racial justice advocates have long called for.
Sonali Kolhatkar
“We Will Not Accept Your Laws and We Will Not Comply With Them”
U.K. workers rise up against Conservatives' attempt to hollow out their right to strike.
Liam Kennedy
Here’s How Rail Workers Are Fighting On After Biden Blocked a National Strike
Politicians may have headed off their strike, but rail workers haven't stopped organizing for paid sick leave and safe staffing.
Jeff Schuhrke
There Were Only 12 Days Last Year When Police Didn't Kill Someone
Police killed nearly 100 people a month in 2022, data shows.
Sharon Zhang
Cover Story
How to Avoid Nuclear Stand-Offs That Threaten the Entire World
Frida Berrigan on the Russia-Ukraine conflict and the fight for nuclear abolition.
Frida Berrigan
The Supreme Court Could Gut the Right to Strike
C.M. Lewis interviews labor researcher Kate Bronfenbrenner about a case that could have widespread implications for unions across the country.
C.M. Lewis
“The Lesson Here Is That the System Is Cruel”: Keri Blakinger on Prison Journalism
The formerly incarcerated reporter speaks out on the challenges of prison reporting and her new memoir, Corrections in Ink.
Maggie Duffy
Moderna Plans 4,000% Markup for Covid Vaccine
The Biden administration is going to stop providing Covid vaccines for free—and Big Pharma is ready to profit from the change.
Jake Johnson
Milton Friedman Set Us Up for a 21st Century Version of Fascism
In 2023, market fundamentalism is fostering authoritarianism—in the United States and abroad.
Joseph Stiglitz
Strikes Are Stronger Than Laws
There's a simple reason why the government can't win unless you let it.
Hamilton Nolan
Rural America
Queering the Family Farm: Meet the LGBTQ Midwest Farmers Taking Food Justice Into Their Own Hands
“We’re not just raising food. We are creating safe spaces for people.”
Bennet Goldstein
Nurses Set To Strike Against New York City’s Healthcare Monopolies
Decades of mergers and acquisitions have turned New York’s hospitals into profit-oriented corporations. Nurses are fighting to change that.
Michael Lighty
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