Rest in Power, David Moberg (1943-2022)
David Moberg spent his long, illustrious career covering the labor movement from the perspective of workers.
Don Rose
"Revolutionary Suicide": On the Horrors of Jonestown
"Dad—I see no way out—I agree with your decision—I fear only that without you the world may not make it to Communism." An excerpt from a letter found on the body of Jim Jones.
David Moberg
Organizers Look Back on Labor Notes 2022
A whopping 4,000 union workers and activists attended the Labor Notes conference in Chicago this year to share strategies and report on the status of the rising labor movement.
Maximillian Alvarez
A Pro-union Worker Asked Amazon for Injury Accommodations. Amazon Fired Her.
The Amazon Labor Union victory at the JFK8 warehouse on Staten Island was historic. But right now, as we speak, Amazon is currently in court trying to throw out the results of that election, and pro-union workers keep getting fired.
Maximillian Alvarez
Nurses in the U.S. Are Suffering "Moral Injury"
The pandemic and staffing crisis have left healthcare workers with invisible wounds.
Kari Lydersen
InvestigationGoodman InstituteCover Story
In Small-Town Georgia, A Broken Taillight Can Lead to Spiraling Debt
Reforms to curb predatory private probation haven’t worked.
Nick Barber
Starbucks Union Files Labor Complaint Claiming Store Closures Are Retaliation
The coffee chain has announced it’s closing 16 stores, including some that have recently unionized. Workers say it’s coercion against labor organizing.
Maxwell Parrott
America Is Breaking the Bargain It Made For Labor Peace
The right wing is starving the government of its ability to guarantee worker rights. Will we let them get away with it?
Hamilton Nolan
Forcing People to Work So They Can Get a Child Tax Credit Is a Terrible Idea
Work requirements don’t actually increase employment or reduce poverty. But Republicans and conservative Democrats are pushing them anyway.
Jim Pugh
The Federal Reserve’s Answer to Inflation Is Class War
The conventional medicine for fighting inflation is to make workers pay. And that is what the Federal Reserve, with Joe Biden’s approval, is planning to do.
Hadas Thier
An Iranian Artist in Exile Turns Her Camera to the West
Shirin Neshat explores how the government invades our dreams
Matt A. Hanson
Frustrated With #GirlBoss Feminism? Look to Eastern European History
In Red Valkyries Kristen Ghodsee interrogates the false promise of liberal feminism.
Brianna Di Monda
The Remarkable and Entirely Underappreciated Achievements of the EPA
The Supreme Court is gutting an agency that has a measurable history of saving lives.
Branko Marcetic
Did This Supreme Court Just Issue a Progressive Ruling on Immigration? Sort Of.
The MPP ruling will bring immediate relief for migrants stuck in Mexico, but doesn't signal anything humane about the court.
Adrian Rennix
Why Socialists Shouldn’t Ignore the January 6 Hearings
Trump and his allies attempted to overturn democracy—and they’re likely to do it again. The Left should lead the charge to stop that effort.
David Duhalde
Radical Is Now Rational
When reality changes, only fools don't change with it.
Hamilton Nolan
Don’t Trust the Federal Reserve on Inflation
The Fed’s plan to curb inflation rests on punishing working people—when they’re the ones in need of relief.
Max B. Sawicky
The CIO Was One of the Most Successful Anti-Racism Movements in U.S. History
How industrial unionism laid the groundwork for today’s anti-racist struggles.
Michael Beyea Reagan
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