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ICJ Ruling on Israel Crimes "Poses the Greatest Political Dilemma for the Biden Presidency"
“I only hope that Biden will, on this occasion, stand up for justice.”
Phyllis Bennis
Judges stand at the International Court of Justice, preparing to take their seats ahead of Israel's defense against South African's genocide accusations in the Hague, Netherlands.
Israel & Palestine
“Questions Around Timing”: U.S. Cuts Gaza Aid After ICJ Ruling
An interview with Omar Shakir on Israel’s trial at the International Court of Justice
Riley Roliff and Omar Shakir
A group of protestors stand in coats on DuSable Lake Shore Drive in Chicago. A protestor wearing a face mask and gloves, in the center of the image, holds a sign above their head, which reads "From the River to the Sea" in red, black, green and white letters. To their right, another protestor wearing a keffiyeh holds the Palestinian flag. Two other demonstrators in front of them are also wearing keffiyehs.
Israel & Palestine
A Whirlwind for Chicago Cease-Fire Politics
Mayor Brandon Johnson announces support for a cease-fire as the city council delays a vote on a cease-fire resolution.
Maia McDonald
ViewpointIsrael & Palestine
Israel Is a Top Student of U.S. Imperialism
The legacy of U.S. efforts to "fight terrorism" has always been mass death and displacement. Israel has been taking notes.
Azadeh Shahshahani and Khury Petersen-Smith
The UAW Has Now Endorsed a Cease-Fire in Gaza and President Biden for 2024
Last month, the United Auto Workers backed an end to the violence in Gaza. Today, the union threw its support behind Biden—who has been a strong backer of Israel’s war—in his likely rematch with Republican Donald Trump.
Ivonne Ortiz
Israel & Palestine
SEIU Calls for Cease-Fire, Joins UAW and a Shifting Labor Movement
"SEIU members understand that working people often feel the impact of war most deeply and bear the brunt of its terrible consequences."
Jessica Corbett
Losers, Quitters and the Only One Who Wins
Did the Republican primaries even matter?
Garret Keizer
Here’s a New Tool to Take on Predatory Landlords and Fight Evictions
In California, organizers and lawyers have created a toolkit to protect renters and help mitigate the housing crisis.
Philippa Rizopoulos
ViewpointIsrael & Palestine
Our Union Called for a Cease-Fire. It's About Our Students.
Why the membership of the Chicago Teachers Union voted overwhelmingly to support a cease-fire—and how we see ourselves as part of a larger labor movement for peace and justice.
Dave Stieber
The Real A.I. Fight Is About Who Gets the Gains
It's not labor against technology. It's shared progress versus inequality.
Hamilton Nolan
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التحولات التي شهدها مجتمع المسلمين في الولايات المتحدة بعد 20 عامًا من التاسع من أيلول وكيفية تجليها بعد السابع من تشرين الأول
إيمان عبد الهادي
A woman wearing a keffiyeh as a hijab looks ahead.
FeatureIsrael & Palestine
How U.S. Muslims Have Transformed in the 20 Years Since 9/11—and What It Means in the Wake of 10/7
Eman Abdelhadi
The Only Solution to the Violence in Yemen and the Red Sea is a Cease-Fire in Gaza
U.S. strikes on Yemen are threatening a wider regional war. Diplomacy, not bombs, is the way to avoid a dangerous escalation.
Phyllis Bennis
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Comics Against Genocide
ViewpointIsrael & Palestine
On Parenthood and Genocide
A new mother and scholar of forced displacement writes about Israel's mass murder of Palestinian children in Gaza.
Heba Gowayed
Progressive Lawmakers Call Biden's Strikes on Yemen "Illegal" and a Violation of the U.S. Constitution
After the Biden administration launched airstrikes on Yemen without congressional approval, multiple progressive members of Congress expressed outrage while demanding a cease fire in Gaza.
Jake Johnson
A man wearing glasses stands in front of a table full of rifles. He is surrounded by men, including some police officers.
FeatureIsrael & Palestine
Every Jew a .22 and MZ-4: The Path from Kahane to Ben-Gvir
The rise of far-right extremism in Israel is a long time coming, and it has deep roots in settler violence against Palestinians.
Natasha Roth-Rowland
This Emerging Green Technology Could Decarbonize Buildings and Provide Good Union Jobs
In New York and states across the country, thermal energy networks are helping unite the climate and labor movements while hastening a just transition away from fossil fuels.
Sara Van Horn
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