The Big Business Behind Travel Nursing
During the Covid-19 pandemic, demand for nurses—already understaffed—surged to even higher levels, and travel nurses deployed to fill the gaps.
Alice Herman
Capping Off a Year of Labor Action at Amazon, Warehouse Workers Walk Off the Job in Illinois
For the first time, Amazon is experiencing a multi-site U.S. work stoppage. It comes at the end of a year marked by union organizing and labor militancy at the retail giant.
Jeff Schuhrke
A Lot Depends on How Much of a Sociopath Joe Manchin Is
Will he watch the world burn for the sake of civility?
Hamilton Nolan
An Ohio College Privatized Its Energy and Built a Gas Plant on Campus, Outraging Students
OSU announced in 2008 its goal to go carbon neutral by 2050. Now, however, the university is pursuing the construction of a new, gas-powered energy plant despite student protests holding them accountable.
Taylor Dorrell
Stop Buying Holiday Gifts for Your Boss
A third of U.S. workers say they buy presents for their manager. It’s time to end this predatory ritual once and for all.
Miles Kampf-Lassin
The Wisconsin Idea
Wisconsin State Parks Battered as Lake Michigan Shrinks Beaches, Smashes Boardwalks
The state Department of Natural Resources is weighing a fundamental question: Preserve land or let nature take its course?
Mario Koran
Running Scared from Inflation Is a Recipe for Ruining the Economy
The specter of inflation is being invoked by Sen. Joe Manchin to block vital social programs in the Build Back Better bill. It's just a pretext for class war.
Max B. Sawicky
Student Worker Isn’t an Oxymoron
This month University of California's Student Researchers United-UAW won their union, the largest unit of student employees organized at once in U.S. history. Let's look back 30 years at what campus organizers fought for.
In These Times Editors
Is Money for Nukes More Important Than Paid Family Leave? Congress Thinks So.
With Biden’s Build Back Better bill sidelined, the Senate just approved a gigantic military budget—including funds for “useable” nukes. That’s unconscionable.
Danny Sjursen
Labor Activists Want to Know Why Workers Were Left to Die in Extreme Tornadoes
Grief, anger, and demands for answers after tornadoes kill at least 14 U.S. workers.
Jeff Schuhrke
120 Manufacturers in the Global South Could Be Producing mRNA Vaccines If Big Pharma Would Only Show Them How
A new report finds that pharmaceutical monopolies are preventing the production of significant quantities of vaccines in Africa, Asia and Latin America.
Sarah Lazare
How the Mighty Culinary Union Survived the Apocalypse
After facing 98% unemployment in the depths of the pandemic, the strongest union in Las Vegas has risen again.
Hamilton Nolan
Ten Predictions For the Year Ahead in Labor
Our infallible crystal ball reveals that 2022 will make workers want to holler.
Hamilton Nolan
The Latest Argument Against Abortion Rights: It's Not Hard to Be a Working Mom
Experts and working moms blast the absurdity of this key argument being used to take down abortion rights.
Bryce Covert
Rural America
In Defense of Hunting
In our age of ecological collapse, hunting animals for food is as relevant as ever.
Joseph Bullington
David Graeber Is Gone, But He's Still Changing How We See History
In <i>The Dawn of Everything</i>, David Graeber delivers parting wisdom.
Jessica Stites
A Buffalo Starbucks Worker Talks About Why He Wants a Union
A conversation with Brian Murray, one of the Buffalo workers, and journalist Jordan Chariton, who recently traveled to Buffalo to speak with Starbucks workers.
Maximillian Alvarez
The Wisconsin Idea
For These Wisconsin Farms, Eating Animals is Off The Table
Inside the uneasy rural alliances between a growing movement of animal sanctuaries and their neighbors.
Marina Bolotnikova
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