It’s Time For a Ceasefire in Ukraine
A ceasefire in Ukraine has been needed since day one—and it’s more urgent now than ever.
Phyllis Bennis
Teamsters President Sean O’Brien Vows to “Pulverize” UPS in Fiery TDU Convention Speech
The first TDU-endorsed leader in 30 years sought to meet the hopes of the militant rank-and-file, promising a UPS strike if needed.
Stephen Franklin
Kentucky Is Latest to Test Whether Red States Will Keep Voting for Abortion Rights
An anti-abortion constitutional amendment identical to one Kansas voters rejected this summer is on Kentucky’s November ballot.
Shefali Luthra, The 19th
Washington Post Editorial Board Wants U.S. ‘Beacon’ for Ukraine Refugees—but Not for Haitians
Julie Hollar
Bosses Hate This One Trick
Work-to-rule is not walking away from a fight, but a different way to fight.
In These Times Editors
Cover StoryFeature
Don’t Look Now But Progressives Are About to Expand Their Ranks in Congress
A lot is uncertain about the midterms, but there's one thing we do know—the House will have the largest left cohort in decades.
Branko Marcetic
Halloween and the Horrors of Capitalism
When have you ever seen a poor vampire?
Naty Uhlmann
Black Mold, Bed Bugs and Anti-Union Tactics: Why New York Starbucks Workers Are Out On Strike
Starbucks workers at a roastery in New York are on the picket line alleging unsafe working conditions and a refusal by management to bargain in good faith.
Saurav Sarkar
‘Work-Life Balance Is at the Center of This Dispute’: Alabama Westrock Paper Mill Workers Fight On
Workers at Westrock’s Mahrt Mall paper mill in Cottonton, Alabama, have been locked out since the beginning of October due to an ongoing contract fight.
Jacob Morrison
Mike Davis’s Socialism Was Rooted in a Love of Humanity
The Marxist writer and activist Mike Davis (1946-2022) showed us all how to live and fight as an “old-school socialist.”
Micah Uetricht
Robert Reich: Why Aren’t Democrats Talking About the Real Cause of Inflation?
Casting corporate profiteering as a key driver of inflation would be a political winner for Democrats—and it has the virtue of being true.
Robert Reich
Why Starbucks Cares So Much About a Little Pin
A barista in Buffalo says he was fired for wearing a suicide awareness pin. Now, workers in at least seven other states are wearing it in solidarity.
Jeff Schuhrke
Rural America
After Platinum Health Took Control of Noble Sites, All Hospital Workers Were Fired
A private-equity startup acquired two rural Missouri hospitals during the pandemic. In March, it suspended all hospital services.
Sarah Jane Tribble
How Progressives Can Counter ‘Tough-on Crime’ Messaging
Crime plays on primal emotions. We need deep engagement to transform people's thinking.
Robert Kraig
Amy’s Kitchen Workers Protested Their Working Conditions. Then They All Lost Their Jobs.
“They treat you like you’re nothing. Like cockroaches.”
Emily Janakiram
Sysco Strikers Reach a Deal
The three-week, multi-state strikes caused supply chain interruptions but drew widespread community support.
Eloise Goldsmith and Rohan Montgomery
When Unions Back Corporate Mergers, Workers Lose
The UFCW may be contemplating supporting Kroger's mega-merger. That should give every union member a sinking feeling.
Hamilton Nolan
Voters Could Help Stem the Homelessness Crisis in L.A. Next Month
A sweeping ballot initiative dubbed the “mansion tax” would raise funds to build supportive housing, provide rental assistance and implement other measures to help curb the crisis facing unhoused Los Angeles residents.
Annie Howard
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