The ACLU of Illinois Seeks a Playbook for Acceptable Progressive Union Busting
The staff union and management are locked in a battle over who can be included in the union.
Hamilton Nolan
DispatchThe Wisconsin Idea
The Small Towns Rejecting Solar Farms
Residents are split over the largest solar farm in Wisconsin moving in next door
Hannah Faris
How to Democratize Cuba
Will the November 15 protests in Cuba provide a democratic opening?
Samuel Farber
The Wisconsin Idea
Right to Counsel Could Stave Off Worst of Eviction Crisis
In the midst of a nationwide eviction crisis, Wisconsin cities are establishing legal right to counsel for tenants.
Peter Gorski
We Could Be Looking at a Historic Healthcare Industry Strike
Overworked and underpaid, 35,000 Kaiser Permanente workers could walk off the job on Monday.
Maximillian Alvarez
Robert Reich: We’re Living Under the Cruelest Form of Capitalism in the World
Wealth inequality has spiraled out of control. It's time to end this vicious cycle.
Robert Reich
Lost Jobs, Lost Democrats
Neoliberal Democrats are struggling to connect with working-class voters whose communities have lost manufacturing jobs.
Joel Bleifuss
Rural America
The Curious Case of Carter County: How a Small Town in Montana Stopped Shrinking
On the Great Plains, these days, rural towns tend to wither. But in remote eastern Montana, one community is bucking that trend. How?
Eric Dietrich
The Wisconsin Idea
From Farm to Table: Farmers in Solidarity with Striking Workers
Food and agriculture companies like John Deere and Kellogg’s take advantage of workers while executives rake in record salaries.
Julie Keown-Bomar
When Scabs Are a Danger to Public Health
United Metro Energy is risking an environmental catastrophe in Brooklyn as billionaire CEO John Catsimatidis stalls union negotiations.
Halsey Hazzard
Rural America
When Conservation Means Fencing Out Black Farmers
In southern Illinois, conservation groups see a chance to protect rare oak savannas. Black farmers and hunters see their way of life being bought out from under them.
Tony Briscoe
Big Pharma’s Big Lie About Vaccine Patents
Companies say that sharing vaccine recipes wouldn't boost manufacturing soon enough, but now we know that's not true.
Sarah Lazare and Paige Oamek
Moral Panics Work
On the poisonous inability to diagnose bullshit.
Hamilton Nolan
The Wisconsin Idea
Expectant Parents Travel Hours for Wisconsin Midwives While in Labor
Covid-19 Exacerbates the Illinois Midwife Shortage
Emma McAleavy
Solidarity and Togetherness During These Bleak Times
A special conversation with close friends of the Working People podcast.
Maximillian Alvarez
Two Steps Forward, One Step Back: Grading Biden's Build Back Better Deal
What’s in the latest version of Biden and the Democrats’ massive social spending plan? Not everything progressives wanted, but more than might have been expected under a centrist president.
Max B. Sawicky
The Wisconsin Idea
Public Money is Pouring Into Broadband Expansion. Will It Go Where It’s Needed Most?
Rural communities in Wisconsin scramble to use tidal wave of public funding.
Peter Cameron
The Long, Troubling Career of Buffalo's Byron Brown
The career trajectory of Byron Brown is familiar to U.S. cities: a young reformer who took on the city's corrupt establishment—and who soon embodied the very establishment he'd run against.
Branko Marcetic
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