October 2006 Volume 30, Issue 10

The Abramoff Babies
Like the "Watergate Babies" of 1974, the new Democratic Congress will have to pick between sustanative or procedural reforms.
Christopher Hayes
SOSing the Vote
Secretaries of State are essential to making free and fair elections possible
Phoebe Connelly
Year of the Black Candidate
Many Black candidates sought and won office in the 2006 takeover by the Democrats.
Laura S. Washington
The Tragedy of Gary Webb
Hounded out of Journalism and pushed to suicide, the Gary Webb story is a cautionary tale about the dangers in speaking truth to power
Doug Ireland
Counterfeit Drugs: Infected with Greed
Counterfit drugs are flooding hospitals and markets worldwide.
Terry J. Allen
Starbucks Gets Wobbly
Embattled baristas at the coffee giant turn to the Industrial Workers of the World for solidarity unionism
Mischa Gaus
Jesus Is Tragic
The movie Jesus Camp by Heidi Ewing and Cahel Grady exposes the terrifying power the Christian Right has to indoctrinate and manipulate children.
Anthony Kaufman
The Importance of Not Getting Over It
A new Book Was the 2004 Presidential Election Stolen? suggests that doctored memory cards on electronic voting machines stole the election.
Joel Bleifuss
Teamsters Face a Contentious Election
As the AFL-CIO split and workers continue to lose ground, the teamesters face a contentious election.
David Moberg
YouTube in MeWorld
According to Anthropologist Thomas de Zengotita, Websites like MySpace and YouTube encourage socializing and self adolation.
Jessica Clark
Route-Stepping? Our Way to WWIII
Scare-tactic allusions to war allow Bush to push an extremist agenda.
Gregory D. Foster
The Neocons Lexicon
Republican term "Islamofacism" conflates the war on terro as a battle between the Enlightenment and Theocracy.
Salim Muwakkil
9/11 Refracted
Post-9/11 reporting has been full of commercialization, ideology and manipulation, not unbiased reporting.
Susan J. Douglas

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