June 2007 Volume 31, Issue 06

The Checkpoint Women of Israel
Machsom Watch advocates for fair treatement of Palestinians, drawing both resentment and respect from their countrymen
Robert Hirschfield
NOLA: Priced Out of the Parade
Rising costs, lack of protection, threaten New Orleans' traditional second line marches
Fatima Shaik
Chasing the Green Pound in London
Forget "I am not a plastic bag" campaign, Spitalfield's Market is where to find London's genuine eco-friendly fashion
Jessica Clark
Fighting Corporate Copper in Bougainville
Multinational polluter Rio Tinto sued under Alien Tort Claims Act for causing deaths of 10,000 Papua New Guineans
Kari Lydersen
Developmentalism in the Big Apple
Cost of living has skyrocketed in New York, but under fatcats Giuliani and Bloomberg, the working man's wage has not
Steven Wishnia
The Legacy of Tailhook
Supporting our troops at any cost overshadows holding them accountable for sexual assault within military
Susan J. Douglas
Locking Attorneys out of Guantánamo
Government launches war against habeas counsel under claim that lawyers are "acting as a conduit for the media"
H. Candace Gorman
These Guns for Hire
Blackwater unites conservative Catholics, evangelicals and neoconservatives to fight a theoconservative holy war
Chris Barsanti
Jeremy Horton
Conor Kenny
Paula Villescaz
Conor Kenny
Sacred Lands, Sewer Snow
American Indians fight to stop an Arizona ski resort from making snow out of sewage water.
Chelsea Ross
Postal Rates = Free Press
Rate hike pushed by media conglomerate Time Warner threaten small and medium-circulation publications
Robert McChesney
Chicago Unions Flex Political Muscle
Instead of fighting Mayor Daley, labor movement goes after his aldermen pawns
David Moberg
America’s Child Soldier Problem
Terry J. Allen

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