May 2007 Volume 31, Issue 05

In Praise of Pageantry
Art and activism together facilitate a larger discussion of politics and theory while reinspiring activists who are tired of the same old marches
Jen Angel
Circumcision Promotion Divides AIDS Activists
Should results of African AIDS study be applied in the United States?
Dana Goldstein
Gone, But Not Forgotten
Why Bolivians want the United States to extradite their exiled ex-president
Wes Enzinna
The Guantánamo Hunger Strike
Fasting prisoners force-fed twice a day as 30-inch plastic tubes are forced into their esophaguses
H. Candace Gorman
Our Profit Margin Could Be Your Life
Indie punk band HeWhoCorrupts maximizes profits by eliminating frills like melody or the standard chorus/verse/chorus structure
Anne Elizabeth Moore
Why Women Hate Hillary
She reinforces the Genghis Khan principle of American politics that our leaders must be ruthless and macho
Susan J. Douglas
Power to the Public Financing
Fair Elections Now Act would reward candidates who spend time with their constituents, and not golfing or dining with lobbyists
Michael Burgner
Poisoning Pets with Industrial Food
Lacking transparency, industry relies on alchemy of pet food to turn its waste into profits
Terry J. Allen
Deconstructing Hezbollah
Allen McDuffee
Abuses Alleged During Immigration Raid
Kari Lydersen
Globalism with Combat Boots
Salim Muwakkil
The Fraudulence of Voter Fraud
The Bush administration purged U.S. attorneys for failing to prosecute crimes that didn't occur
Joel Bleifuss
Thank You Mr. Vonnegut
Joel Bleifuss

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