September 2012 Volume 36, Issue 09

Schooling in a Spot of Bother
The English education system isn't leaving room for students to flourish.
Jane Miller
GOP Land Grab
To Romney and others in his party, all public assets look ripe for privatization
Joel Bleifuss
Score One for Online Activists
The European Parliament defeated a bill that would have greatly restricted Internet freedoms
Isaac Dalke
The End of Facebook?
With the emergence of apps and a transition away from websites, Facebook may fall by the wayside
Kenneth Rapoza
Vulnerability: The New Girl Power
It’s tempting to view the female confessional as apolitical. In fact, it's a new form of feminism.
Sady Doyle
GOP Time Travelers and Other Hucksters
The misguided semantics paving the way to November's election
Chris Lehmann
There Will Be Blood ... and Movies
The evolution of our interaction with film
Michael Atkinson
The Next Hiroshima
August 6 provides a critical moment to reflect not only on the terrible events of that day, but also on current nuclear threats.
Noam Chomsky

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