Bill Clinton Did More to Sell Neoliberalism than Milton Friedman
A brief history of how the Democratic Party's turn to market capitalism wrecked everything.
Lily Geismer
Here's What the Criminal Justice Reform Movement Can Learn From Chesa Boudin’s Loss
Opponents of mass incarceration shouldn’t despair or write off the recall of San Francisco’s progressive DA. Instead, we should take lessons and build stronger infrastructure to propel future wins.
Janos Marton
What If America Had Six Political Parties?
Understanding the warring factions within the Democratic and Republican Party coalitions is critical for progressives who want to build power.
Mark Engler and Paul Engler
In the Wake of Uvalde, a Teacher's Plea for Police-Free Schools
My students are safer in classrooms without cops. The latest mass school shooting only makes that clearer.
Nataliya Braginsky
If Banks Want to Be Seen as Climate-Friendly, They Need to Exit Fossil Fuels
The climate movement is stepping up pressure on banks to stop the flow of cash to the oil and gas industry.
Arielle Swernoff
Overturning Roe Will Be an Economic Catastrophe for Millions of Women
Abortion rights are economic rights.
Asha Banerjee
During the Pandemic, Poor Areas Have Had Twice the Death Rates of Rich Ones
A new report shows the U.S. response to the Covid pandemic has been defined by inequity—and poor and low-income communities are bearing the fatal cost.
Shailly Gupta Barnes and Jim Pugh
Overcoming an Onslaught of Dark Money Attacks, Progressive Summer Lee Wins a Historic Victory
The Pennsylvania representative faced down millions of dollars in negative ads from pro-Israel groups and took on the Democratic establishment by running on a bold left agenda.
Nick Vachon
No Half Measures, We Need Biden to Cancel All Student Loan Debt
The Debt Collective has successfully pushed Biden to extend the pause on student loan payments. Now we’re organizing to make the White House cancel all student debt.
Frederick Bell Jr.
The New Labor Movement Is Young, Worker-Led and Winning
From Starbucks and Amazon to political campaigns and digital media, workers in historically unorganized occupations are forming unions—and breathing new life into the U.S. labor movement.
Katie Barrows and Ethan Miller
Most Price Increases from Inflation Have Gone to Corporate Profits
The inflation panic is causing some Democrats to pivot from social spending to deficit reduction. That's exactly the wrong approach.
Max B. Sawicky
Where Are All the “Pro-Worker” Republicans Now?
While employees at Amazon and Starbucks win historic unionization campaigns, the “populist” wing of the GOP has been noticeably silent.
Nick Vachon
How to Jujitsu the Culture Wars
It's time to make Republicans regret that they ever posed as anti-elites.
Hamilton Nolan
The Troubling Gap Between What’s Offered by Our Social Safety Net and What’s Received
The people most in need often don’t receive public benefits. Here are some ways to fix that.
Jim Pugh, Sean Kline, Teri Olle and Elena Chávez Quezada
Why Nina Turner Is Taking on the Establishment Again
On her second run for Congress, the plainspoken progressive is still calling it as she sees it.
Maximillian Alvarez
What U.S. Organizers Can Learn From Brazil's Landless Workers Movement
In an interview, Rebecca Tarlau explains that 40 years of struggle by Brazil's landless workers movement offers lessons on engaging the system without being co-opted.
Mark Engler and Paul Engler
Ketanji Brown Jackson Is Now a Supreme Court Justice—And Progressives Are Thrilled
"At a time when the Supreme Court is preparing to make decisions on reproductive health, climate change, voting rights, and workers' rights, Justice Jackson's perspective has never been more necessary."
Brett Wilkins
What Happens After Movement-Backed Politicians Take Office
As the “co-governance” model gains traction, here’s a look into the promises and pitfalls—and how organizers are reimagining electoral politics.
Mark Engler and Paul Engler
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