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The Wisconsin Idea

ViewpointRural America
The Tragedy of Misunderstanding the Commons
Twelfth-century peasants developed commons practices to survive domination. We could use them to reclaim our lives from capitalism.
Steven Stoll
ViewpointRural America
It’s Too Hot to Keep Using Pesticides
Farm workers are being sickened by agrochemicals—and, due to extreme heat, by the PPE they wear to protect themselves.
Harrison Watson
Workers at a Chicago Safety-Net Hospital Went on Strike. They Just Won Across-the-Board Raises.
At Loretto hospital, around 200 hospital workers went on strike for over a week demanding better pay. Their new contract includes an average raise of 14.5% over three years.
Jeff Schuhrke
This 20th Century Italian Marxist Offers Lessons for Today’s Social Movements
Antonio Gramsci’s political thinking and practical strategizing provide a set of ideas that have only grown more salient with time.
Mark Engler and Paul Engler
UPS Teamsters Across the Nation Are Voting on the Tentative Agreement
Worker organizing at UPS reaped significant concessions from the company. Now, they'll need to decide whether or not to ratify the contract.
Teddy Ostrow and Ruby Walsh
AI Could Be a Godsend for Accessing Public Benefits—Or a Nightmare
We stand on the verge of a technological transformation. We’ll need to work collectively to steer these advancements towards empowering those in need.
Jim Pugh
On Lizzo and Sex and Bananas, Oh My!
At the end of the day, the Lizzo story is not about sex: it’s about labor.
Yasmin Nair
FeatureCover Story
Tennessee Organizers Are Taking the State Back From the Right. Here's How.
Social justice organizing has deep roots in the Volunteer State and, despite deep-seated opposition, the movement perseveres.
Henry Hicks IV
FeatureCover Story
Ni Salvadores, Ni Mártires: El Activismo Colectivo Antes y Más Allá de “Los Tres de Tennessee"
El activismo colectivo tiene profundas raíces en Tennessee y, a pesar de la feroz oposición, el movimiento seguirá luchando.
Henry Hicks IV
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