Is Organized Labor’s Support for Occupy Wall Street Surprising?

Mike Elk

Editor’s note: Mike Elk appeared on RTAmer­i­ca to dis­cuss what the sup­port of orga­nized labor will mean for Occu­py Wall Street, and what Occu­py Wall Street means in turn to orga­nized labor.

Elk says he was sur­prised by the endorse­ments from AFL-CIO pres­i­dent Richard Trum­ka and AFSCME head Ger­ry McEn­tee, since Typ­i­cal­ly labor lead­ers don’t do what they can’t con­trol.” Watch the video for more:

Mike Elk wrote for In These Times and its labor blog, Work­ing In These Times, from 2010 to 2014. He is cur­rent­ly a labor reporter at Politico.
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