Meet Alex Han

In These Times is growing: We’re excited to announce that labor organizer and activist Alex Han has joined us as the new Executive Director.

Adam Doster, a contributing editor at In These Times, is a Chicago-based freelance writer and former reporter-blogger for Progress Illinois.
In June 2006, Doster joined In These Times as an editorial intern. A journalist based in Chicago, he has covered topics such as the labor movement, education, and electoral organizing for The Nation, The American Prospect, The Chicago Reader and WireTap, among others. In November 2007, he won the Campaign for College Affordability’s essay contest for his piece “When College Ends, So Does Activism.” Doster graduated with university honors from the University of Michigan in 2007. While in Ann Arbor, he served as the managing editor of The Michigan Independent, a monthly progressive magazine.
Lay off my water, Phoenix.
Taxes vs. Charity
Bike-Sharing Is Caring
Bike-sharing programs that provide cheap access to inner-city bicycles are popular all over Europe, and Beijing, and even American cities are catching on
Conflict of interest?
Wisky labor history
DoJ on prison stats
A penny for your thoughts
Hounding the Bush Dogs
Meet the candidates who are taking on conservative Democrats
Tasers aren’t fun
Wingnut Awareness Week
Neocons beat the war drum on college campuses
UHC and innovation
Read Tom Hayden on Obama
NCLB? No sir.
You know what grinds my gears?
Caging the Iran Hawks
Pirates of Private Equity
An insanely lucrative investment strategy finally faces public scrutiny
Bridge to D-town
The Business Vote? Really?
Chain Stores, Picket Fences and Tanks
American-style sprawl is adversely affecting the outposts of our global empire
Labor Takes a Seat in the Classroom
Educators are taking steps to bring union history into American schools
Mainers Give Grads Debt Relief
Their state's economy at a crossroads, politicians embrace Opportunity Maine, which eases the financial burden of going to college
When College Ends, So Does Activism
Why selling out is a depressingly rational choice for many graduates
Dancing Into the Majority
Once alienated, grassroots activists are finding ways to work with the Democratic Party establishment
The Udall Boys lead the Democratic charge for the Senate
Education Reform: Pass or Fail?
As No Child Left Behind comes due for reauthorization, questions remain about whether it really helps children learn
MoveOn Members Call for Change
White-Collar Workers Unite
Barbara Ehrenreich received a grant from SEIU (Service Employees International Union) to start United Professionals (UP), whose mission is to "protect and preserve the American middle class..."
The Crazy Kazakh Correspondent
How Borat reveals American bigotry and foreign policy double standards.
SDS, New and Improved
SDS reforms at University of Chicago convention.
Bigger Salaries for Big Box Workers?
Will Chicago Pass a Big Box Ordinance to raise worker wages?
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